Boston… We Are Fans 


Thursday Night the Red Sox and Orioles completed a four game series, with both teams winning two games… And what did everyone take from that series ?

 “That Boston is a racist city”

Here we fuckin go again. Two fuck tards, two nights in a row dropped the N bomb. One guy called Adam Jones (star center fielder for the Orioles) the N word. Really guy? No seriously are you fuckin kidding me? 

Let’s Evaluate: 

Buddy busing days are over get your head out of your ass it’s 2017; wake the fuck up. The other idiot did not call anyone anything but was “over heard” saying it to their friend. We’re not gonna play who did this or this happened because…how about let’s discuss: What happened next?                   The 32,000 fans gave him a standing O the following game. Not because mookie told them too, they did it because they know what’s right and they treat everyone like human beings.

Thanks to these two ignorant assholes now our whole city is being deemed racist. The result of this is a life time ban for both these idiots. I am definitely not condoning this act of it happened at all but let’s look at the punishment as well…really a life time ban? First of all how the fuck are they going to enforce that? Let’s be real Fenway does not have facial recognition technology, so what’s gonna happen? The guy gets to the gate and when the ticket scans it says sorry bud you have a life time ban. Yeah right good joke. If I were that guy I would go around the corner buy tickets from a scalper and walk into Fenway with two middle fingers in the air saying fuck you John Henry. Due to the ignorance of these two ass clowns, Boston is once again deemed one of the most racist cities in the country. 

Let’s get one thing straight, if you’re rom Boston you don’t pronounce the letter R. It’s impossible it’s like trying to slam a revolving door. In turn, for someone to use such a fowl word, that they would have to actually put effort and try to prounounce the crime of this N word.. they clearly were not from around here. These two Dbag Kabobs are not true Bostonians and should get the fuck out of this city. Just because two dumbasses dropped the N bomb doesn’t mean the whole city is a bunch of racists. Has Boston had their racist moments? Eh just a tad bit, just a tad. If Alabama had a pro sports team this shit wouldnt even be news cause it would happen at every game. Hell, their logo would probably have the confederate flag( fucked up but true). Boston is the city of champions, not a city of racist shitbags. Our true colors were shown in April of 2013 after the Boston Marathon. This whole city came together and became one strong city. Just cause s group of people decide to go full michael Richards (Kramer) moment doesn’t mean we’re all like this. 

If Boston was racist do you think we would have drafted a black goalie ? Nope. If Boston was racist would we have signed the first black NHL player? Nope. If Boston was racist would we have drafted the first black NBA player ? Nope.          

Ownership and fanhood alike, we favorite all players who play well for their city no matter the race, age or gender.

So look at the history of our sports, we’re very accepting here;  however it takes only a few bad eggs for everyone to consider us trash. So for the two fuckheads and ESPN I say, thanks assholes for once again giving everyone the wrong representation of us. 
We are Boston Strong not Boston Hicks.


IT finishes in OT 

If you caught last nights Game 2  Celtics vs Wizards game; you genuinely caught a miraculous basketball game. I know it must’ve been tough trying to catch the Sox game prior in hopes you’d watch a bench clearing brawl and a stellar Sale performance but if you watched this Celtics game at all,you got a glimpse of what Celtics fan-hood is all about. If you were a fan last night standing in the concourse waiting for an $8 bag of kettle corn you would’ve thought the arena was playing a guns & roses concert; place was a jungle. From David Spade to Bill Belichick, all the stars were out aligning the parquet floor.

Celtics started this game a bit better than Game 1 and didn’t let up 16 points before getting their first bucket….Thank God. The Wizards were leading for most of this game but I wouldn’t necessarily say they were in control. Despite a demanding first quarter by the Wizards tallying 42 points to the Celtics 29, the Celtics kept their cool and began closing the gap until the third. Things were getting a bit testy again between IT and John Wall with counterpart Bradley Beal after IT hit his face on the floor tripping over Gortat that big goof,  of course it happens just after a lengthy dentist visit that kept him out of practice the day prior (luckily he was wearing a mouthguard).

Refs had a few iffy calls but this game goes to the heavenly presence of IT and the technical defense of Avery Bradley. Game was tied 114-114 at the end of regulation after John Wall failed on a game winning attempt. With the energy of the Garden heading into OT The Celtics ran away with it scoring 15 to Washington’s 5. IT ended the game with 53 points, making John Havlicek proud but missing his record by 1 point. Hondo scored 54 on April 1, 1973 against the hawks in game 1 of the first round.

Image result for John Havlicek gif

If the Celtics want to win in Washington they can’t fall behind early, they won’t have the hype of their home crowd along with Lucky’s green team to get them rolling when behind. This seems like a long-shot because waiting until the 4th quarter has been their style all year long but let’s hope we see improvement earlier in games. IT has proven he can surpass Washington’s 2-3 Zone but it’d be nice to see them utilize the pick and roll more often and dish to the outside 3 to boost the movement of the ball; exactly what Rozier and Bradley need to make those shots.  Bradley’s defense has been impeccable, if he can attack the ball before it crosses the arc without drawing fouls I think it will make up for IT”s lackluster defense. However IT obviously makes up for his defense with his stellar offensive ability; as long as he keeps hitting the big shots and dishing the ball instead of those forced shots the Celtics on their way to a couple road victories.

Full game re-cap:




Hopefully the Tooth Fairy is good to IT and the Celtics

Game 1 of the 2nd round started yesterday between the #1 East Celtics and the #4 Wizards. Going into this game the fans knew they were in for a great series to watch. These two teams had a few moments this season that showed this was a good rivalry in the making, both had players that threw verbal hay makers:

The teams’ last meeting on Jan. 11 proved costly for Wall. In the closing moments of the Wizards’ 117-108 loss, Wall and Crowder got into a verbal confrontation. The incident accelerated when Crowder extended his finger to Wall’s nose and security members rushed in to separate players. Later, Crowder continued the heated back-and-forth after the teams exited the TD Garden floor. Police officers lined the hallways to stand guard between the locker rooms. For his role in the incident, Wall was fined $15k and Crowder received a $25k punishment for his actions as well.

Image result for crowder and john wall gif

This series will show some great offensive talent and the winner will be the ruler of the home court. Every time these teams have matched this season the home court team has the been ones on top, so watch that to be the pivotal advantage for the Celtics who have the home court.

Well they played game 1 yesterday and it wasn’t as testy as in January. The only verbal actions were the showboating of their on court ability. The game started off rough as the Wiz kids were up 16-0 to start the game. Things started rocky but the Celtics found their groove. I.T. had his tooth knocked out on an attempt to make a defensive play (maybe that’s why he steers away from playing defense). After his tooth fell out IT made every 3 pointer he took. Celtics took care of things and walked away winning 123-111.

Image result for isaiah thomas tooth knocked out gif

The teams will look to square up again on Tuesday night prime-time 8pm for Game 2.

Full game recap: 

Bruce ‘Butch’ Cassidy named Head coach for 2017-2018 Bruins

This is exactly what the Bruins needed to do. Waste no time and tell the league -hey the 2017 playoffs haven’t even entered the 2nd round and we’re ready to kick some ass next season and kicking the rest of the league square in the nuts.

Image result for bruce cassidy gif

Cassidy turned this team around from a 2nd to last place Atlantic division team to a 3rd seed playoff team.

Bruce Cassidy now 51, had spent five seasons as head coach of the Bruins’ AHL affiliate in Providence before joining Julien’s staff as an assistant this season. He coached the Washington Capitals for parts of two seasons from 2002-04, leading them to 39-29-8-6 record and a postseason berth in his first season with the team.

Image result for bruce cassidy behind the b gif

A left-handed defenseman, Cassidy was a first-round draft pick of the Chicago Blackhawks in 1983 who recorded four goals and 13 assists in 36 career NHL games. He also played in the OHL, AHL and IHL, as well as in Italy and Germany.

Image result for bruce cassidy hockey

Love it, have a summer Butch, drink some beers enjoy the beach, head to Australia with a few broads and come out swingin’ in the fall.

Bruins Heartbreaking Loss & What’s Next For Them

Bruins Move on.. to the off-season

Sunday was an incredibly sad day for the Bruins who were eliminated in game 6 at Home to the Ottawa Senators in overtime. Instead of talking about the refs blowing some calls throughout this series and the heartbreaking loss let’s talk about the Bruins as a whole and what is in store for this team. This was a team that fought adversity most of this season, which included roster moves/changes, injuries, goalie concerns and probably the biggest challenge was the coaching change mid-season. This team had to let go of a coach that they have had since 2007 in Claude Julien; a man who brought this storied franchise back to their winning ways and raised a banner in 2011. Claude was a great coach for this team and was a leader. The first few years the town loved him however it was apparent he was losing his touch and forcing players to get away from their style of play and the fans along with ownership were ready & prepared for a move. Not everything lasts forever so the Bruins said au revoir as he headed back to Montreal. The Bruins actually recovered quite well from this and had a semi-strong second half of the season under the interim Bruce ‘Butch’ Cassidy, making the playoffs as a 3 seed in the Atlantic. We got to see this team make the playoffs for the first time since 2014 (Which seemed like a 10 year span in Boston). This Bruins team has hope and it finally seems like they may be getting back to their winning ways shortly. If this organization keeps making improvements, fans will be happy for years to come. Here’s a look at the young talent we have to look forward to and some possible free agent outcomes.

Image result for rene rancourt gif

Players to look forward defensive to: 

The Bruins have always been known for their tough-griddy style of play that the fans love. Well truth is, the NHL is fading slowly away from the enforcers and this style of play and teams now know how to beat it (Don’t fight back and score on the power play). The teams that now win are the ones with the flashy, play-making, quicker skaters who are well conditioned and can still make that big hit; these are the players who can play OT with ease. Hitting and finishing checks is important and always will be but the number of hits is fading tremendously throughout the league. Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers below for the past three seasons.







These numbers are dropping significantly because of the referees using the leagues new standards of a proper check and  teams are scared to drop a man because power plays win games. But have no fear, the Bruins are realizing this…Finally (took them long enough). They’ve been constructing a team for dump and fore check these past few years and haven’t breached this top 5 hits list….

Image result for donald trump disappointed gif

But Now, Sweeney and the gang are stacking up on quicker play making type players, forwards and defense included. The best part about these recent recruits and draft picks is that we now have young defenseman who can play the body (extremely well) and are also well equipped to the fast pace, play-making game.  Here are the defensive players that I’m most excited about and their 2016/17 numbers.

Name                       Age          plus/minus       Points 

Brandon Carlo      age 20       +9                         16

Colin Miller           age 24          0                         14

Joe Morrow           age 24        -8                           9

Charlie McAvoy   age 19         -2                          3  (Played only 6 games, all were playoffs..)

Providence Hopefuls:

Matt Grzelcyk     age 23         +13                      32

Alex Grant           age 28           +8                      49

Rob O’Gara           age 223        +11                    13

Players to keep and toss during Free Agency:

Drew Stafford – KEEP

He is an UFA 31 year old will be looking for a contract to seal the deal for a couple years, didn’t have the greatest post season but I love this guy, 10 years in the league, he can produce points and is hungry for a cup.

Ryan Spooner – TOSS

This RFA is a 3rd liner at best on most teams in the NHL. He’s been with the club since ’12-’13 but really made his stint in the 2013 season. His TOI has stayed consistent around 14:00, his numbers have improved slightly and has played about 80 games the last 2 seasons. Healthy forward but it this really a player we want to be stuck with for a couple more years? Toss him and get someone worth signing.

Dominic Moore – TOSS

The 36 year old UFA is winding down his career and his numbers show that. He played the puck pretty good this year and had some decent shot opportunities against Ottawa but for playing 82 games 25 points is just too low. Like this guy but we have the veteran support in Backes that we’ve already secured for a few more years, hasta luego.

David Pastrnak- KEEP

Obviously. RFA, pay this man and keep him. Plenty of cap space to allow this guy to be locked down on that 1st line with Marchy and Bergeron for years to come.

Tim Schaller/ Noel Acciari – KEEPERS

Both of these RFA are keeps. Acciari is 25 and Schaller is 26. They both played less than 60 games this season and posted average 4th liner numbers. Both are local guys Schaller is from NH and Acciari RI, keep them for the pride of New England; I can see them becoming fan favorites soon enough. Hopefully don’t cross the 800k mark per year and they’ll both be perfect for the 3rd and 4th line and fill in for injuries.

John Michael Liles – TOSS

Liles just doesn’t have the numbers or ability to be paired with our better, younger defensemen. Toss him and keep an eye out for some top free agents to replace his $2mil salary.

Joe Morrow- Keep

The 24 year old can play hockey. He plays the body and the puck and for a young guy that’s what we’re looking for. Sign him to 2 more years at the steady 900k and he’ll be a perfect 3rd line defenseman.

Jimmy Hayes-TOSS

Not a FA until next year but please someone take him from us, we’ll do anything.

Image result for praying gif

Free Agents that would fit perfect in Boston:


  1. Kevin Shattenkirk, defenseman: With several contenders looking for a defenseman, he might have a high asking price however, probably around $7 million per season. At 28, he’s the only difference-making offensive blue liner available in the market. He’d be our highest paid defenseman but worth it in my book with his numbers. Chara is on his way out whether he likes it or not.
  2. Karl Alzner, defenseman: He’s hard-edged, durable, reliable and he’s 28. He owns 567 games of NHL experience. What’s not to like?
  3. Kris Russell, defenseman: At 29, he leads the NHL with an average of three blocked shots per game. Depending upon the strength of a team’s defense, he can play 16-20 minutes per gam


  1. Alexander Radulov, right wing: It’s clear that with a creative play maker, he might score 25-30 goals (Could play center if Vatrano cant)
  2. Joe Thornton, center: The assumption is he will return to San Jose. He’s still one of the top passers in the game (I’d love this more than anyone, but he’s going to demand too much for his final couple years).
  3. Patrick Marleau, left wing: We almost made this happen in 2014 and now that he’s a FA it could be possible. Can still skate and score, two attributes that serve him well in the modern game. Would not be surprising if he finished his career with a team other than San Jose…cough, cough Boston (2nd line, move Stafford to 3rd)
  4. Dwight King, left wing: He can be our Lucic, Jimmy Hayes couldn’t complete this role so we could use him to fill the void. He’s a 6-4, 230-pound role player with the potential to score 10-12 goals.


Sad end to a tough year for the Bruins but lots of excitement for them this off-season and next year for sure. Accept defeat and move forward.

Image result for move on gif

And on that note…

Go Celtics 


Patriots 2017 Non-Divisional Match-ups

The best part about being a Patriots fan is that you essentially celebrate them all year long with separate events throughout the year that work as holidays. Let me elaborate you have all 16 games each week you have something to celebrate, all 3 or 4 playoff games mucho celebracion, super bowl the grand finale, free agency, schedule day, draft day and before you know it we have the summer training camps and preseason.

Image result for happy gif

Yesterday was one of those celebrations, NFL schedule release day or what we in New England like to call seeing our road to the Lombardi. I like to always think we have it easy but year after year the NFL tries to pound us with a tough, grueling schedule. This year is no different. No matter what the reports say about top 5 easiest or hardest schedules throughout the league they’ve kept the Patriots legendary name out of their mouths because of their elite status and ability to beat any team any place any time. Our roster this year is looking incredible and we haven’t even hit draft day yet. This year we take on the AFC West and NFC south two decent divisions where most teams have top of the league defenses. Let’s take a look at the 2017 Patriots schedule non-divisional games to see how we match up.

Week 1 Chiefs (Home)

Image result for pats vs chiefs gif

This is going to be a tough start to the season. This chief’s team has really turned things around since 2013 and has made the playoffs 3 out the last 4 years; however they’ve failed in the playoffs each and every time. Kansas City has a lot to prove this year and they are going to come out swinging after losing to the Steelers in the divisional playoff round after placing 1st in their AFC West division. Since 2000 the Patriots are 6-2 against this team but don’t let that fool you this is a tough team to play against, they went 12-4 last season and were 6-2 for home and away games.

Week 2 Saints (Away)

Image result for sean payton and belichick

Saints have always been a great sparring partner for the Patriots, we have hosted New Orleans the past couple years in summer camps and pre-season games. Sean Payton and Coach Bill are genuine friends. This game will be played in New Orleans and since 2000 the Pats are 3-1 against this team. Our offense is top tiered this year and unless the 7-9 2016 Saints beefs up their bottom of the barrel defense I think we’ll be okay. I won’t let that overshadow their #1 ranked offense however this team can move the football with 6816 total yards last season. I think we have the edge in this one due to our defensive pickups.

Oh and here’s a great TB12 stat while we’re at it:

Brady has played 92% of his games outdoors (185 of 202)….

Manning has played 49% of his games outdoors (122 of 248)….

Brady in a dome: 67.4%, 8.64 YPA, 6.9 TD%, 2.62% INT, 106.42 rating

Week 3 Texans (Home)

Image result for pats vs texans gif

Ahh the Texans, the little brother of the Patriots that may just never grow big enough to beat them up one day. The Texans staff is constructed of old Patriots players and coaches. Some like Bill O’Brien, Mike Vrabel and Vince Wilfork will go down in Patriots history but will for sure never be remembered for that Texans logo. The Patriots are 8-1 against this team and smoked them twice last year once in the regular season and once in the playoffs. Not worried, just hope our OL can stop Clowney from hurting our precious Tom.

Week 4 Panthers (Home)

Image result for pats vs panthers gif

No clue what happened to this Panthers team. They went from a 15-1 nearly undefeated team, and even making it to a super bowl in 2015 to going 6-10 this past season and missing the playoffs. Losing a super bowl sent them on a downward spiral and they will be looking to make some serous changes this season for this fan base and franchise. Patriots are 3-2 against this team since 2000. They are still one of the top rush stoppers in the NFL led by Luke Keuchly an d giving up only 1464 brush yards 6th in the NFL.  Let’s see if Cam Newton can turn things around but this game should be a a win at home in New England.

Week 5 Buccaneers (Away)

Image result for jameis winston bucs gif

This game will probably be one of our toughest. The Buccaneers are a team that is looking to make a statement in the NFC South with standout fantasy players. Jamies Winston, Doug Martin, Jacquizz Rodgers and Mike Evans were offensive beasts; they make up for most of the 5542 total yards they earned last year. This team was 9-7 last year and missed the playoffs so they are on the hunt this season.

Week 7 Falcons (Home)

Image result for patriots falcons super bowl gif

This game will be an ultimate rematch of super bowl 51. What the perfect game to be played on Sunday Night Football at home in Foxboro. Patriots are 5-0 against Atlanta since 2000 but honestly this game will never overshadow the embarrassment they suffered in February. This will be an amazing game but win or lose we still made them cry with the greatest comeback in sports history.

Week 8 Chargers (Away in LA)

Image result for la chargers gif

LA Chargers, just what LA needs 2 football teams for the Kardashians to choose from SMH. Chargers always give us some decent competition and we are 7-3 against them since 2000. However this team is coming off a 5-11 season and were 16th overall in offensive and defensive stats. I’m predicting a nice victory in sunny California.

Week 10 Broncos (Away)

Image result for pats vs broncos gif

This game acts like a double edged sword. I am extremely frustrated with this game because yet again we play in Denver against this Broncos team. The Patriots have played in Denver the last three times these teams have met. The Broncos play some of their best football against the Patriots and even better in Denver. The Broncos were 5-3 at home last season and we just played them in Denver late last season where we ran away with a 16-3 victory. This team had the 4th ranked defense last year and is coming off a shaky offense that was 27th in the league. But this is most definitely a rivalry that boasts great competition so matter who their QB is, look for a great game. The only real positive I have for this is that it’s after our bye week so thanks NFL for at least that.

Week 11 Oakland (Away in Mexico)

Image result for pats vs raiders gif

This is a great matchup. This Oakland team was special last year and if Derrick Carr didn’t go down with an injury it would’ve made for a fun playoff run against New England. We are 5-1 against Oakland since 2000 and this is essentially a home game for Oakland since their entire fan base is Spanish. Their 6th place offense can move the ball so should be a great game, and quite possibly could be the prequel to the AFC championship.

Week 15 Steelers (Away)

Image result for pats vs steelers gif

I genuinely like this tough game late in the season. Hopefully by then the Patriots would have clinched the home field advantage and we can sit our starters (Unlikely Coach Bill would do that but we can hope). The Steelers have a fantastic display of offensive explosiveness. Big Ben and Antonio Brown are dangerous for this leagues defensive secondary. The Patriots are 10-3 since 2000 against the Steelers so not too worried about this match up this late in the season.  In my opinion the NFL is losing some serious money not having this game on prime time national TV.

Road to Glory in 2017:

pats schedule

TD Garden Tears & Friday’s Fate for Boston

Back to Back nights the TD Garden in Boston played host to fans that paid for over priced tickets, beer and food just to watch their teams lose in embarrassing fashion. I know I know I hate to be that guy but someone has to talk about these past two nights.

Image result for two bad days in a row


Tuesday night the #1 seed Celtics fell extremely short to the #8 seed Bulls in game 2 111-97 and are now down in the series 2-0 heading to Chicago. Rajon Rondo had 11 points and 14 assists on a night when all five Bulls starters reached double figures. Dwyane Wade had 22 points, including 16 in the second half, and Robin Lopez added 18 points and eight points. The Celtics had a few key moments in Game 2 where you thought they’d prevail… and before you knew it they were committing awful turnovers, forcing shots and losing rebounds. ”We have to play hard no matter what,” Avery Bradley said. ”You go through a lot throughout a season. You’re going to face a lot of adversity. The best teams overcome any type of adversity.” The Celtics fans were electrifying in Game 2 in hopes their 1 seed would pull through even after the tragedy of IT’s sister. IT will rejoin the team after his sister’s funeral and will be ready for Game 3 which is on Friday in Chicago. Friday will determine if this Celtics team can fight to live another day or result in being down 3-0 in Chicago and face the embarrassment of being swept as the #1 seed.


Wednesday night the #3 seed Bruins played the #2 Senators in a Game 4 match up. Going into this game the Senators were up 2 games to 1 but every game has come down to the wire in a hard fought series with little mistakes. However with horrible officiating and a few of those mistakes becoming costly the Bruins fell short 2 games they could have won. This game proved no different. The Bruins lost at home last night 1-0. For a game with only one goal the fans got to see some great hockey. McAvoy scored his first career goal and it was turned away with a coach’s challenge as the refs came to the conclusion the play was offside after letting the Bruins play for over 30 seconds in the offensive zone. After the replay the play was clearly offside but the fact the pin stripe donkeys couldn’t catch it when it occurred and let them play on is a joke. It was a great goal and it sucks it was overturned but I do not blame that one play for them losing. Both goalies played outrageous between the pipes but Anderson just played one shot better.

He robbed Marchand with a minute left:


So on Friday Boston sports could meet their fate after a depressing start to round 1 of the playoffs. The Boston Bruins face elimination on Friday in Ottawa Game 5 with the Senators up 3-1. Bruins were looking pretty strong for a team that’s had to battle back every game but may not have what it takes to beat this Ottawa team looking to win at home and advance.  The Celtics have somewhat of a chance to stay alive but the way the Bulls are playing it looks unlikely; If the Celtics lose they will be down 3-0 with one more to go in Chicago. Have the remote this Friday and get ready to do a lot of praying and a lot of clicking.

Celtics @ Bulls 7:00pm CSN

Bruins @ Senators 7:30pm NESN

No giving up yet Boston, just keep doing you.

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Patriots Day 2017



It. Is. Tiiiiiime. The 2017 Boston Marathon is this Monday, 4/18. Patriots Day aka BOSTONS Holiday. The Marathon is a time for when friends, family, and strangers all get together along the 26.2 mile route to cheer on the runners who have made the commitment to run. Wake up early. Have a few mimosas. Pack the trains early. It’s gonna be a hell of a day.

If you’re not a Bostonian/New Englander, you probably ask yourself, why? Why would thousands of people stand on the sidewalks and watch people run 26.2 miles? Why? Because we’re New Englanders. We get hyped up about everything. College kids come out and drink their faces off and scream louder than a Bruins game 7 playoff game(maybe). The bars are SWAMPED. Your back may start hurting from all the beers your carrying. But in all seriousness, Boston has been doing this for years. I even asked myself this when I was 8 years old at my first Marathon Monday. My family drove all the way into the city from good ol Hanson Ma to see the Marathon. I asked my Dad, “why?”. He responded with, “Because this is what we do. The runners need us.” And damn right Poppa Lyons. Imagine running for that long and having no one there to cheer you on? I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush.


Yes, this is what we do. We stick together as Bostonians. Runners, spectators, all of us. No matter who you are, what your social status is, we just stick together. And this has meant so much since April 15th, 2013. The tragedy known as the Boston Marathon Bombing. Now I don’t want to get too much into the details of what happened. The few things I want to mention is 1: those scumbags are gonna burn in hell and rightfully so. And 2: The goddamn resiliency of this city. Boston is a strong city. We became even stronger after what happened that day.


I was living in the heart of the city during that time and never in life have I seen so much love and togetherness. We prayed, we hugged, we cried, and we remembered. We remembered the ones we lost. We remembered the ones that were severely injured. But we didn’t just remember. We don’t stop there. We did something about it. People helped each other. Joe Andruzzi, Carlos Arrendondo, and Robert Wheeler, just to name a few. They were runners and spectators that helped people get out of a tragic situation. One of my favorite things I heard from that day was that some of the runners KEPT RUNNING to the hospitals where victims were taken to donate blood. That is was this city is all about.

528460_10100159361430705_1944785897_n (got heeeeeem)

We didn’t get scared of this tragic event. The term “Boston Strong” literally means what it says. It fits perfect for a scrappy, blue collar city like Boston. The next few years were bigger than ever. The crowds got bigger and better. Rain or shine.

Boston Marathon

2013 Boston Marathon

So pretty much, don’t mess with us. If you even have the strength to knock us down, too bad. We’re getting right back up and we’ll put a boot in your ass(that’s the AMERICAN WAYYY)

So go out there, cheer on the runners and enjoy yourself. Grab a beer and grab some friends. Enjoy the fact that you can call yourself a New Englander. And if your not from New England, that’s okay. Call yourself a patriot that day.

And to all the runners out there. God Bless. I praise you for doing what you do. Raising money for whatever cause you are running for, and just having the balls to run 26.2 miles. Good Luck to all of you!


Also, if you want, take a look at this video ESPN did a few years back. They seriously nailed it.

(Disclaimer: Onions will be cut)



“No more hurting people, peace.” – Martin Richard


Happy Marathon Day to all.





Bruins Survive Game 1 Thanks to Young Guns

Last night the Boston Bruins beat the Ottawa Senators in game 1 of the best of 7, round 1 playoff series final score 2-1. This was the first time the black and gold beat this Ottawa team all year. This game defined what we’re going to see for the rest of this series. This series will show nonstop puck dumping, fore-check battling, close but no cigar scoring chances and strategic goalies who won’t let many pucks by. The low score 1-2 does not do justice of how awesome this game truly was. Eyes glued, edge of your seat for the rest of this series.

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Last night the crowd in Ottawa was electric from the start, waving their mini moist towelettes throughout the game. This didn’t seem to faze a Bruins team who is on the younger side. They played their body to body style for most of the game, only letting up one goal to Bobby Ryan in the 2nd period that ultimately walked right in shot and got his own rebound to score on the 2nd attempt. Both goalies stopped breakaway opportunities early own which without a doubt determined this was going to be a goalie showdown. Senators led going into the 3rd period 1-0 but that last period belonged to the Bruins. Frank Vatrano netted his first career playoff goal right in between the circles 5 minutes into the 3rd. A quiet Marchand came out with a rocket goal on a rebound with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. Just when you were asking yourself where the hell as Marchy been this game he comes up with a goal like that, proving why he is one of the best.

Another big factor was Young Stud Charlie “Friggin” Mcavoy. The kid from BU played absolutely stellar for being his NHL debut… in a playoff game… in a tough city. Mcavoy totaled 24:11 minutes on ice, 1 big body shot, 2 blocked shots and was +1 on the night… When he has the puck on the blue line he has total control of the puck movement in the offensive zone and can place it right where a forward wants it for a one timer….Keep this kid for a loooooong time.

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Bruins stayed out of the box for the most part tallying only 4 penalty minutes where their counterparts doubled that with 8 total penalty minutes.  Bruins play again on Saturday in Ottawa, if they stick to this style of play and Rask stays strong in the crease I think coming back to Boston up 2 games is certainly reasonable. Bruins in 5!

Full Game Recap 

Can the Bruins beat the Senators?

The Bruins clinched the 3rd seed of the Atlantic and will be taking on the Ottawa Senators who clinched the 2nd seed of the Atlantic in the last couple games of the season. These two teams were on a see-saw the last couple months battling for the 2 and 3 seed. Let’s get right down to it and see if the Bruins have enough to hold off a Senators team that has dominated them all year.

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Ottawa Senators (2) vs. Boston Bruins (3)

  • Wednesday, April 12, 7pm: Bruins @ Senators | Sportsnet, TVA Sports, NHL Network
  • Saturday, April 15, 3pm: Bruins @ Senators | Sportsnet, TVA Sports, NBC
  • Monday, April 17, 7pm: Senators @ Bruins | CNBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Wednesday, April 19, 7:30pm: Senators @ Bruins | USA, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • *Friday, April 21, TBD: Bruins @ Senators | TBD
  • *Sunday, April 23, TBD: Senators @ Bruins | TBD
  • *Wednesday, April 26, TBD: Bruins @ Senators | TBD

What the Bruins need to do:

As simply put, they need to do everything. As cliché as that sounds it is true. In order to win this series against Ottawa they need to do everything they can. The fact that the Senators won all 4 regular season matches is a crucial statement but this is the playoffs, balls to the walls puck will be played.

– Bruins are down Carlo and Krug in game 1 due to injuries this is bad news bears because both skaters lead time on ice as of late. Chara will need to step up and be the defensive playmaker with and without the puck. Charlie McAvoy may play game 1 and hopefully it’s a smooth transition that can provide some offense from the blue line.

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-Can Bruins coaching lead them to a win? I’d say it is definitely a possibility with Bruce Cassidy taking over in February and leading them to a 44-31-7 record overall and third place in the Atlantic Division. However he will certainly have to light the fire under their asses and make sure they’re changing lines at appropriate times and not when the opposing team is coming down the ice on the attack. Too many times that has happened late in the season.

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-Bruins lost home ice, big whoop. They chose these cards by locking up the 3 seed now they need to deal with it and win the first 2 road games and come back to Boston and win.

– Avoid the instigators. The senators are definitely going to try and get under their skin. Will this affect them? The Boston Bruins are the best penalty-killing team in the NHL at 85.7 percent but I wouldn’t rely on this stat line to help save them from the shorthanded goals, stay out of the box for this series and get the early goals.

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– Bruins need to shut down the guys that have been killing them. Erik Karlsson and Kyle Turris are by far their standout players this year and they are bruin hunters. Bruins need to have their head on a swivel when their on the ice. Karlsson has 0 goals against this Bruins team but has 4 assists. Kyle Turris had 3 goals against the club out of 27 overall for the year and Alex Burrows is out for revenge against a bruin’s team that took away his 2011 Stanley cup. Burrows had 15 for the year and 2 against Boston. Watch these three in particular and disrupt the scoring chances.

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-Shoot the goddamn puck. Craig Anderson 25-11-4, .926 save percentage this year is a wall. He is definitely out to steal games in the playoffs. He has unreal playoff stats as well .933 save percentage and 2.35 goals-against average. Bruins need to shoot and capitalize on all and any scoring chances especially earlier on. Anderson played all 4 games against the Bruins and only let up 6 total goals and averaged 28 saves on the Bruins from all 4 games. He will definitely be the reason the Senators win a couple of these games.

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If the Bruins manage to come out and play the puck they need to and capitalize on these factors I mentioned I think they will win in 6 games at Home. They might drop the first game but don’t count them out, hopefully Krug and Carlo will be back for game 2.