Lebron James is worse than Caillou

I want to get one thing out there prior to the rest of this article, if you let your kid watch Caillou you are a bad parent and should be punished by the Judicial system.

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Caillou for those who have been luckily enough never to watch, gets hurt and complains about everything and I mean everything. No one is worse than him, except for one person…

Lebron has been beaten and battered worse than NFL lineman in his 14 years in the NBA. Nobody fights harder for loose balls, bodying in the paint, hustling back court and no one plays more minutes than this guy. Alright enough jokes let’s get down to business. LJ the King learned that there was no chance of winning this series against Golden State after the 1st quarter in Game 1. What does Lebron do after Game 1?

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He immediately goes home to his drawing board and maps out a way to locate an excuse for losing this series. He thinks of all sorts of shit from racist slurs scaring his family so he wasn’t in the right mindset to play; to missing his hair transplant appointments which made him superstitious. But no, he reverts back to the plan that has worked his whole career so why think of something new now. Fake an injury! As long as he makes it look bad everyone will believe him and if they lose everyone will still buy his products and bubble gum because he didn’t do anything wrong, injuries just happen! And Hey it’s just basketball. Lebron needs to cut with the excuses and win championships, case closed. Yes he has won championships with multiple teams but he is expected to!

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Michael Friggin Jordan wills himself to 38 points against the Utah Jazz in a pivotal Game 5, adding to the Bulls star’s legend as a clutch performer and relentless competitor. Lebron does not compare people so let’s stop saying that.

I love Tom Brady more than anyone but when he said he’d love Lebron at tight end because of his size I always giggle because Lebron is good for one snap until he realizes it’s not basketball and it hurts being touched. Oh but Lebron’s 32 he’s going to be injury prone at that age. Well then, Tim Duncan and Tom Brady must be made of metal.

Lebron has let his “loyal” bandwagon fans down, this Warrior’s team is amazing yes but you’re supposed to be the greatest thing to ever touch a basketball you can’t let your team lose like this, possibly get swept and then fake another injury! Cavs are now down 3 games to none, no comeback will occur period.

C’mon Man.

Welcome to Smashville USA

Predators vs. Penguins has been awesome!

Because it’s the Cup.

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This year’s Stanley Cup has been filled with home team dominance. The series lead currently belongs to the penguins up 2 games to 1 heading into game 4 tonight in Smashville.

The people of Nashville should actually all come together and attempt to change their city name to “Smashville”. The Smashville Predators has quite the ring to it. Beside the point, the fans in this city are a bunch of country hicks who love them some country, whiskey and hockey. They are just as fun to watch as the game itself.


After game 2 hockey fans throughout the league suspected the Penguins were going to run away with this one and would have to watch Sid the Kid lift his 3rd cup. We all wanted Ovechkin to win the East and play for the cup, he just needed it. However year after year it’s the same story for those fans on Capitol Hill and for now this is Sid’s conference. This Penguins team just knows the playoffs all too well; they know how to compete come playoff time and are so good in front of their home crowd; they’ve been here before they know what to expect. Unlike their counterpart, the Predators. This was a team that joined the league via expansion in 1997-98 after a stadium was constructed and the city failed to bring an NBA team aboard. This Nashville team had a rough start but for the past 3 years they have been extremely competitive and have the roster you need to hoist a cup.  Mike Fisher became captain and the team’s addition of star defense man PK Subban gave this city some hope. The real factor that proved this team was no joke was when they sent the Blackhawks home packin’ after a sweep. Chicago always finds themselves in the final 4 of the West, so this was an exhilarating experience for Nashville fans.

The Penguins were rolling from game 2’s victory at home, right out of the gate they scored first. But immediately after that goal the Preds responded with the help of their home crowd. This home crowd is electric. I have seen and witnessed electrifying home crowds on many occasions but this is on another level.

I’ve seen and witnessed outside stadium set ups where crowds gather and watch to support their team, but again this is on another level.

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Fans go nuts and throw things on the ice, but hot girls and catfish is on another level.

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I’m a Die-hard for the Bruins but you can’t go wrong having this as your second team…

 If you want to watch players go at it, fans instigating opposing players and get them ticked….

great scoring opportunities, power plays watch this series! Game 4 is tonight at 8pm in

Image by FlamingText.com

Here are some highlights from Game 3:

Hate to say it but Cavs-Warriors are next Celtics-Lakers

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This Year’s NBA Finals boasts some of the greatest athletes in the world, there is no doubt about it. I know, we are all sick and tired of the Cavs and Warriors but this is exactly how every fan felt across the country in the 60’s -80’s. I cannot stand the comparison saying these two teams are now the modern day Celtics vs Lakers but in fact that is exactly what we are witnessing. The Celtics and Lakers have the historical existence and this rivalry even came back to entertain us years later.

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This rivalry did not die out with magic Johnson and Larry Legend; it came back through the spirits of Kobe and Pierce in 2008-2010. Boston and LA met a whopping 12 times in the NBA Finals with the Celtics remain at the top going  9-3 in those match-ups.

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The Warriors and Cavs are meeting now in the finals for the 3rd time in 3 years and are 1-1 in the Final series against each other. What evidence do we have that could possibly foreshadow these two dynasties being the next big rivalry? Well besides ESPN telling us every second of every day that it just might happen let’s look at the common denominator here. Now I wouldn’t say its evidence per say, but it looks more like; oh shit we’re doomed to witness this for the next 10 years.

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I chose 1962 and 2017 as the perfect years to compare both rivalries. Both are perfect time-frames to take a look at, you’ll see why:

(Put on that thinking cap skipper)

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1962 NBA All-star players from Celtics and Lakers

Player, Team 
Elgin Baylor, LAL
Jerry West, LAL
Frank Selvy, LAL
Rudy LaRusso, LAL (injured)
Player, Team 
Bob Cousy, BOS
Bill Russell, BOS
Sam Jones, BOS
Tom Heinsohn, BOS

2017 NBA All-star players from Cavs and Warriors

Player, Team 
Stephen Curry, GSW
Kevin Durant, GSW
Klay Thompson, GSW
Draymond Green,GSW
Player, Team 
 Kyrie Irving, CLE
LeBron James, CLE
Kevin Love, CLE

In that era, that group of all-star Celtics players won 7 championships. That all-star group of Lakers didn’t win until 10 years later against the Knicks. The basketball championship methodology is that a big-3 wins championships but the only thing that beats a big-3 is of course a big-4. Much like the 1960’s Celtics the Warriors now have that big 4 and are a wrecking crew.

Now to Time warp in the Delorean…

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Now in the present; The Warriors are up 1 game heading into game 2. Lebron might rally his troops for 1 or 2 games but this series belongs to the Warriors. The Truth Paul Pierce said last night on ABC ” If this dynasty doesn’t win at least 7 championships with this roster their legitimacy would be questioned for a long time”.  I agree Truth. Well here goes to watching the same two teams run the NBA for the next few years and hope the Celtics can entertain us in the meantime.

Never Forget…

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Will McGregor Fight in 2017….Twice?!

UFC has seen its fair share of decent matches this year. 2017 Pay Per Views have played host to absolute prelim brawls and beat-downs with great headliners and second attempt fights:

Rodriguez V. Penn    (Rodriguez def. Penn 2nd Rnd, 0:24 KO/TKO)

The Korean Zombie V. Bermudez     (Jung def. Bermudez 1st Rnd, 2:49 KO/TKO)

Woodley V. Thompson Round 2    (Woodley def. Thompson5th Rnd, 5:00 MajorityDraw)

&   Cormier V. Johnson Round 2.  (Cormier def. Johnson 2nd Rnd, 3:37 (Submission)

But the UFC Is missing something. Something that we haven’t seen since November 16th, 2016. Something that we’ve only heard in speculation these past 6 months.       That Something is :

Conor “The Notorious” McGregor

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The South Paw champion is missed by all too many in the fighting world. After his November 2nd round TKO victory against Eddie Alvarez for the belt all we’ve heard about Conor is the boxing speculation against the money man Floyd Mayweather.  The only thing we’ve seen however is hardcore training videos from both sides and trash talking about contract agreements, money and signatures. With all that bullshit aside the people and the fans of this fighting community want to see McGregor back in the Octagon. As much as the world would love to see these two go at it in a boxing ring, McGregor truly shines in the cage. Fans have been on edge and possibly worried that they might not see this phenomenon of an entertainer back in the octagon for quite some time because of these on-going speculations and with Conor’s longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin giving birth to their son, Conor McGregor Jr. (I mean what else would he name his son). Family time is important so fans are worrisome they might have to wait even longer now to see their beloved Irishman back in the cage

Worry no more…

UFC President Dana White has been talking to Conor about 2017. “Conor wants to fight,” White said on ESPN. “Conor wants to fight Floyd; Conor wants to fight twice this year, so we’ll just have to see how this thing plays out.”

McGregor is a mammoth and is hungry for the cash. He will most likely square off with Floyd so they both get that big payout but right now he is looking at his son everyday before training and thinking as every good father should and would, He needs to provide for him and his family. Conor is already rolling in the dough but like I said the money and luxuries is an addiction for him and he wants to keep making more of it and if that means knocking some skulls to do it, I’m sure he’s okay with that. Will He fight twice in 2017 before tapping the gloves with Floyd?

You bet ya goddamn arsh he will.

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Draymond is a Joke and C’s are on to Game 5

This guy has been stirring up the pot in the NBA for quite some time now. He does not and will not ever understand where he stands in the NBA. Is he a good basketball player? Yes of course, but the guy is a huge ass hat. From his verbal assaults with Charles Barkley to calling Paul Pierce a “has been”; guy just needs to know where he stands in a hall of legends. Green is currently standing in a corner… overshadowed by three of the best basketball players in the world (Durant, Curry and Thompson). So maybe that’s what truly irritates him, and he likes to take his frustration out on everyone else. Well guess what bub, you’re a douche kabob and everyone knows it. Guy will come at anyone in the league just to give him the attention that he apparently is desperate for.

  1. He comes at Kelly Olnynk for something that doesn’t relate to him at all. Oh wait it does, because he’s known to be the tough dirt dog baller and doesn’t want anyone to forget about him! We won’t Mr. Lonely. Cue Akon…

Image result for mr lonely gif

Yea draymond bud, let’s talk dirty:



Image result for draymond green marcus smart gif


2.  Isaiah Thomas was obviously going to back up his teammate on this topic, this Celtics team is a family (unlike the beg for camera attention  warriorettes).  Well while doing so Draymond got heated and thought a clever “comeback” would be:


LOL don’t worry bro we will.

Game 5 is on tonight and the Celtics are back on the home court with a tied series 2-2. We knew this was going to be a long, tough battle with the Wizards and we’ve seen no different. Games with heart at Home and eye gauging road games. Look for IT and the squad to feed off that Garden momentum and take home Game 5.  Expect some hilarious tough guy Olynk shirts  because remember no-one plays dirtier than him!

Image result for kelly olynyk

Image result for isaiah thomas and you know that

Oh and one more thing…

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The Brew NHL Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge

Playoff Hockey is Back!

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Once again the smell of fresh spring air, tiny sun dresses and retro sunglasses are back. A Masters champion has been crowned with a flashy green coat (Sergio Garcia in epic overtime fashion against Justin Rose) which only means one thing…. Playoff Hockey is back. This is when you get to witness the best teams on ice battle in series match ups to see who’s got the gut and will to win. This is the ultimate test of character and conditioning to see which players still have those last few strides in them. The NHL playoff bracket has been set and we are all in for some great exciting puck.  This year any of these teams can win it. Play The Brew’s NHL Bracket challenge to win cool prizes!

Click Here To Play

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Masters Preview

A tradition like any other begins this week. The Masters. The best golf tournament of the Spring. Baseball has begun and the NCAA has dubbed their national champion. These are signs of Spring. Get ready to take a nap and wake up for the third round and crack a few beers with your boys.

Notable 2017 Masters Tee Times for Thursday
Time (ET) Group
8:11 a.m. Trevor Immelman, Brendan Steele, Jhonattan Vegas
9:06 a.m. Zach Johnson, Louis Oosthuizen, Adam Hadwin
10:12 a.m. Russell Knox, Rickie Fowler, Hideki Matsuyama
10:23 a.m. Branden Grace, Brooks Koepka, Jeunghun Wang
10:34 a.m. Jordan Spieth, Martin Kaymer, Matthew Fitzpatrick
10:45 a.m. Phil Mickelson, Rafael Cabrera-Bello, Si Woo Kim
10:56 a.m. Brandt Snedeker, Justin Rose, Jason Day
12:24 p.m. Danny Willett, Matt Kuchar, Curtis Luck (Amateur)
1:19 p.m. Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood, Shane Lowry
1:41 p.m. Rory McIlroy, Hideto Tanihara, Jon Rahm
2:03 p.m. Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Jimmy Walker

The Favorites (per sbr picks)

Dustin Johnson (5-1) The numbero uno. Dustin Johnson has won the last three events in which he has played. He finished 4th at The Masters last year and 6th in 2015. His putting and scrambling have improved tremendously. Johnson is definitely the man to beat this week.

Jordan Spieth (7-1) Spieth owns an incredible Masters record in just three appearances at the event, finishing 2nd-1st-and 2nd last year in his title defense when he came apart at the famous Par 3 12th hole. Despite not looking entirely like the two-time Major winner that he is in all instances this season, he does have a win this season at Pebble Beach back in February.

Rory McIlroy (8-1) The Northern Irishman, currently ranked number two in the world, needs only a Masters victory to complete the career grand slam. McIlroy took the 54-hole lead into Sunday in 2011 before shooting an 80 and finishing 15th. Like Spieth, in Rory’s last three visits, he has three straight Top-10 finishes.

My Dark Horse PickLouis Oosthuizen: This is a sleeper and a half. He lost to Bubba in 2012 in the playoff and has been slowly gaining recognition ever since. With two top 10 finishes in February, Louis is a guy who can make some noise in the first round. Keep an eye on him.


I’ll keep an update as the weekend goes on. Happy Masters Week!

WrestleMania 33 Preview

This weekend is stacked with some great NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four Action.

However, more importantly Sunday is… WRESTLEMANIA.

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WrestleMania is much like the super bowl, happens once a year with build up all year long especially right before it happens; each episode leading up to the big day is like a playoff elimination game where anything can happen from a Hail Mary to a folding chair to the spine and then face through a table to earn a chance at a championship belt. Everything is on the line. Get the guys together and girls if you’re lucky to find a few that will sit through it (if you do you keep that chick) get some beers and pizzas and strap in for the best thing ever. This year the WWE wasn’t the greatest; few decent PPV’s but mostly dry entertainment and bringing back old talent to get the older fans back to reminiscing about the good ol’ days of WWF and WCW. The WWE has to make up for this half-ass year and put it all on the table and then through it, in this year’s WrestleMania.

Leading up to this big day we’ve listed the matches below. Here are the matches we think will be worth watching and the ones where it’s okay to get up and take a leak and you won’t miss much.

Image result for Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

This will be a good build up match to start off WrestleMania these cruiserweights will be soaring through the air from the top rope at every chance, they need to impress. This is definitely a let’s go shot gun a beer match, won’t be missing much.

Image result for Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

This match is pure RAW entertainment. The constant battles of these three tag teams are hopefully coming to a close this Wrestlemania. The ladders are just a sweet bonus, sit down and get ready to say holy shit.

Image result for Alexa Bliss

Champion Alexa Bliss to defend against all female SmackDown LIVE Superstars who are available to compete

Bunch of hotties In a ring, need I say more?

Image result for Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Just a couple of crazies going at it for Dean Ambrose’s intercontinental title. I’d say this is a good solid watch but may get a little theatrical and you’ll have time to go take a leak.

Image result for Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

 Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

Yes, Yes, yes!

Seth Rollins has been on so called “Injury Rowe” he now gets the chance to battle his old friend and newest enemy, god it’d be awesome to get in the ring with a boss you hated. Must watch.

Image result for Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens

United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Two wrestlers who have been allies for the past year finally turned against each other and are battling for the United States championship title. Chris Jericho is pure comedy but look for someone to intervene on this match, feels like it’s just destined to happen as it always does. Pee break and shotgun opportunity.

Image result for RAW Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

RAW Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

A women’s fatal 4 way where you can drool over at least 3 girls so that’s a win I guess. Nia Jax is a monster, I would advise not to look too close to this match or you may get a glimpse of her balls.

Image result for Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles

Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles

Yet another wrestler vs. boss matchup. This will not have the build-up that is Triple H and Seth Rollins but look for one of them to jump off a blimp or some-shit. Some may say AJ Styles is getting screwed big time here because he’s supposed to be one of the best in WWE.

Image result for John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

Nothing like a good-old-fashioned couples beat down. John Cena called The Miz a pussy so that’s absolutely hilarious. Watching solely to see The Miz and his gf get an Attitude adjustment at the same time.

Image result for The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

People hate Roman Reigns but if he’s getting a shot against the dead man he must be doing something right. Fans hate that WWE is forcing him to be our favorite, so I’d watch this to see if the WWE finally listens to the people and let The Undertaker prevail and go back to the cemetery.

Image result for Universal Championship Match Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Universal Championship Match Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

A matchup that has been taking place over a few segments and PPV’s this year but 13 years ago it happened on WrestleMania and Brock wants his final revenge. I’m hoping for a quick Goldberg victory and retirement but it may be a long match in Brock’s favor. Great watch especially for Goldberg’s long intro and that massive runway.

Image result for Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton

WWE Championship Match Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton

If you’re still up and awake this will be a decent t battle with great wrestling for the WWE championship title. Orton snuck his way into this match from pretending to be a part of Wyatt’s clan before betraying him. Randy Orton needs to become champion to end this goddamn feud and start off the new wrestling year on a solid note.

 Drink beer like Stone Cold and Enjoy this year’s WrestleMania 33

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Sid The Ninja Kid Chopping Fingers now

Sid The  Kid Chop Crosby

Sidney Crosby Literally takes off the tip of Ottawa Senators defense man Mark Methot’s finger with a quick samurai like slash. This guy should get this stick licensed as a lethal weapon. Guy can score back handed wristers with one hand and chop off fingers and toes with a CCM Ribcor Trigger. Watch and see the aftermath below, just wait until after you eat lunch.

“His finger is destroyed,” Boucher said. “It’s shattered and he’s out for weeks.”

Image result for sidney crosby gif

Watch it here:


The After math:

Team USA Wins WBC 2017

Miracle on Ice Turf.

Team USA won their first ever World baseball classic last night against an electric Puerto Rican team in front of over 50,000 fans at the shitty Los Angelas stadium. USA dominated this game with a final score of 8-0.

Marcus Stroman (SP for the Toronto Blue Jays) threw 6 innings of no hit baseball against an undefeated PR team. Ian Kinsler hit a bomb 2 run home run in the 3rd and from there it was history. The American’s added a few more insurance runs before celebrating. Prior to this Championship, USA’s best finish was a mere 3rd place finish in 2009.

Image result for usa baseball gif

The PR team had a parade scheduled already and USA shut them down. Probably the best part about this Win is that Marcus Stroman was contemplating to play for either Puerto Rico or America. His mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and he wanted to please his mom. Yet, the more he thought about it, the more he felt compelled to pitch for Team USA. He was born and raised on Long Island, graduated from Duke University, and his father is a retired New York police officer…… Turns out he made the right choice.

Here’s what 72 year old Coach of team USA Jim Leyland had to say about this victory, “I had the honor of managing for our country; the coaches have the honor of coaching for our country. The players have the honor of playing for our country, but this was really about the men and women that serve our country.’’


Was this as exciting as the Miracle on Ice?  No not even close. However the last few games were filled with great, fun to watch baseball. Gives these guys another opportunity to play for their homelands especially if they didn’t get that opportunity when they were in little league.

But man it’s awesome when USA wins shit.