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After a wonderful 4th of July weekend in the fine city of Boston we all finally survived and even made it to the actual Independence Day on Tuesday. With a day full of beer, BBQ, fireworks, flags, a killer Sox game, Joey Chestnut stuffing his face with hot dogs and of course Gordon Hayward decision day. This decision was long awaited….

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The Celtics finally received the #1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft, which we received from Brooklyn back in 2013. This was Trader Danny at his finest- This 2013 trade in which the Celtics sent Pierce, Garnett, and Jason Terry to Brooklyn as the Nets tried to build a star-packed team to rival the Miami Heat. In exchange, along with some role players, the Celtics received the Nets’ 2014, 2016, and 2018 first-round picks, with the right to swap picks in 2017, which we did.

First picks for the Celtics have actually panned out to be pretty decent these past few years:

2013 – Kelly Olynyk from Dallas at # 13 (Please just go back to where you’re from)

2014 – Marcus Smart at # 6 (Great defense and becoming disciplined)

2015 – Terry Rozier at # 16 (Great shooter from the arc when given a chance)

2016 – Jaylen Brown at #3 (Young Stud)

The story unfolded like this…Finally the Celtics were in the driver’s seat for the 2017 draft and Free Agent and trade possibilities were endless. Paul George and Godzilla Porzingas were a couple names brought into the rumor bin. With Paul George on the hook Celtics fans thought this was it, this is what we waited for. Trade the pick for PG, trade the player drafted for PG along with Bradley or Smart, do anything to get PG even as a rental. However the Pacers didn’t buy in and now he is on the Thunder. Thunder snagged him from us for Victor Oladipo and second-year forward Domantas Sabonis. Truthfully everyone says Pacers wanted him out of the East and I couldn’t agree more. Anywhoo the Celtics traded this first draft pick to Philly for the #3 pick and the 2018 pick with protections. The 2019 first-round pick from the Kings would only go to the Celtics if the 2018 pick does not convey (GM talk). Well the C’s drafted Stud offensive Shooting Forward Jayson Tatum from Duke. This was a solid draft pick at #3 and I was not angry about it one bit, especially after his first appearance with the green last night stomping all over the Sixers #1 pick Fultz. Tatum’s 21 points came on 8-of-17 shooting. He missed four of the five 3-pointers he took but had a couple of loud finishes, including a thunderous one-handed jam late in the first half that left the crowd oohing after he ripped through a defender to get to the rim. Tatum added seven rebounds, five steals, three assists and one turnover in 33 minutes. However, Celtics fans still wanted answers as to why we couldn’t land a veteran free agent or make a deal.

Well…Fireworks started early on the 4th of July. The news broke early Tuesday morning, it was safe to say Hayward and his agent were not pleased.


People were thinking it clearly leaked and they almost knew for certain it was true. But before you knew it the player’s tribune article “Thank you Utah” came out stating the facts. He apologized to Utah but that didn’t stop Salt Lake from burning his jersey.

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In the end –We got him!

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Gordon Hayward back with Coach Brad Stevens reminiscing on their Butler days. Hayward is coming off his best season yet avg 21 points per game. Now will this be the deciding factor on beating Cleveland next season? Hard to say, still looking doubtful but we’re one step closer…


When these two were back at Butler together they battled adversity, they will be on a mission here in Boston and that is to win—a championship.

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Celtics sneak by Cavs in Game 3


Celtics 111

Cavaliers 108

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The Celtics snuck by with a win in Cleveland against LeBron and gang without Isaiah Thomas!? Am I surprised? Yes… because I along with the rest of this fine country lost money. Kevin Love started the game off strong and tallied 28 points in this one but Celtics were neck and neck and didn’t give up. Before the game this team walked on the court for warmups and looked like they were walking out of Manchester by the sea and yet somehow this team shocked the world last night. This year the headlining story was meant to be the Cavs vs Warriors, the two undrafted teams in the playoffs clash for an unforgettable championship duel of the best in the East and West. Well there’s a good chance that still happens, very good chance actually, I’d bet a kidney or two on it. But this game just made things a whole-lot more interesting. What did this game do for this series and for the rest of the playoffs?

  1. The Cavs took their foot off the pedal last night and at home. They thought they were going to breeze without Isiah Thomas on the court so they definitely took the night off, especially on the boards and defensively. However IT was tending to take the unnecessary 3 pointer when trailing instead of finding the open man and driving the lane and not being able to find the light at the end of the tunnel resulting in more forced shots and blocks. Love IT on this team but teamwork is going to win against the Cavs and last night they started to show that.
  2. This forces a game 5. This is one more game the Cavs have to play. Golden State loves that. The Warriors play to win their series tonight against the Spurs. They may have a full week off to rest and relax and get a practice or 6 in before the finals. This is going to urke Cleveland but the Celtics could play this to their advantage.
  3. The Celtics can now play their secret weapon. They’ve used their secret weapon all season and stopped when they started the playoffs. PLAY JONAS JEREBKO. Some may find this as a joke but this man can shoot the basketball. In 12 minutes last night he scored 10 points and was 4 for 4 and made 2-3 pointers. Hey Brad, play JONAS!

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4. Use Game 5’s home court advantage. They played so bad at home and       disappointed their beloved fans who stood by them all season. Use them and play for them!

Game 4 in Cleveland is tomorrow; let’s see if the Cavs put the pedal to the metal and blow them out again or if the Celtics can prevail with the precision shooting of Avery Bradley, Jonas and Kelly slong with Crowder collecting the boards but remember Jonas “the secret weapon” Jerebko doesn’t miss…

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A Timeless Truth.

Late but in earnest, The Truth had a good run. Inglewood’s favorite son has come and gone but his legend is here to stay

Late but in earnest, The Truth had a good run. Inglewood’s favorite son has come and gone but his legend is here to stay.

As the Celtics prepare to play a 2nd round game 7 that could bring them to a place no Celtic team has been without Paul Pierce since 1988, we should take a look back to acknowledge just how great Paul Pierce is and was.


Pierce with High school teammates from the “rough” bloods and Crips filled inner city school of Inglewood.

To tell the story of Paul Pierce, we gotta rewind the clocks. The late 80s Celtics are wining titles left and right, hot off of a 1986 championship the soon to be aging Celtics have the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft…Len Bias….who just a few weeks later….is dead due to a cocaine overdose……and the NBA is nice enough to hold the contract against the Celtics. Fast forward to the 1987 draft. The Celtics pick up future All Star Reggie Lewis to help guide their team into the 90s with an aging original Big Three of Kevin McHale, Larry Bird, and Robert Parish.

During the 1993 Playoffs the Celtics hope for a successful future is snuffed out of reality in just a few short days. The Celtics next big hope for the future collapses on the court, and eventually dies at the age of 27. (Reggie Lewis 1965-1993) (fast forward to 1:41)

Another possible great….dead and hope for the decades long Celtic Dynasty  going with it.

The 90s were a decade long era of turmoil and disaster for the Celtics as an entire city watched a storied franchise of indomitable success decay and fall to ashes.

The Celtics had the luck of catching Paul Pierce at 10 in the 1998 draft under Head Coach Rick “Killed the Franchise” Pitino ( Death comes in 3’s Bias, Lewis, Celtics) but thats a blog for another day.

Paul Pierce went on to immediate success and showed the city of Boston the Celtic glimmer was back in just his first year. This success was almost cut short however. Paul Pierce was almost another Celtic dead and left to the history books.

A night out in Boston at “The Buzz Club”. Pierce alongside a few teammates ( Tony Battie) were out on the town when Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the face, neck and back, with a few punctures coming millimeters away from his heart and a champagne bottle smashed across his temple. The Celtics were on the verge of another death, and any hope for success choked out again. Thanks to quick driving of his teammate Tony Battie and a hospital near by, Pierce was able to make a impressive recovery despite being stabbed 11 times and losing dangerous amounts of blood.Pierce went on to have light shoot around sessions within weeks of his attack and was able recover and go on to enormous success stringing multiple 40 point games consecutively earning the nick name “The Truth” by Shaq after being torched during the following season. Despite fearing there may be those in the stands and in the city trying to kill him, Pierce was determined to stay in Boston and went on to be loved by the very city that almost took his life.

Paul Pierce proved to be the pick that was here to stay. Pierce would not be another grave stone in Celtics lure.

Paul Pierce along side shake and bake performer Antoine Walker brought the Celtics to a Conference Finals against a talented New Jersey Nets team, although we lost the series, Paul Pierce was a major component of a historic 21 point 4th quarter comeback win in the Fleet Center(RIP). Despite minor playoff success, Pierce could only do so much to drag the poorly managed Celtics to success and was left with year after of bad rosters and little to no support. As season after season of missing the playoffs and being a mediocre team Pierce had peaked, he was almost ten years into his career and the clock was ticking. Pierce despite trade rumors every few years endured the pain of loss after loss and shouldered the team year in and year out until the fateful summer where Trader Danny picked to trade.

(09/28/2012 – Waltham, MA) Danny Ainge speaks to the media at the Celtics media day at HealthPoint in Waltham Friday afternoon. (092812celtstbc – Photo by Tara Carvalho.)

Insert Ray Allen and the Celtics now look a little more busty, and a tad more attractive for players to leave for….fast forward a few more weeks and……

Pierce had his team, he had his time in NBA purgatory and now he’s out. He has his squad and was playing along side two hall of famers whos’ careers have mirrored his own. Both super stars withering away with franchises they could not get over the hump. Garnett and Allen could not be happier to be with the Celtics. Taking pay cuts and willing to play with others, Pierce, Garnett, and Allen went on to a historic season ending with an NBA title and firmly cementing Pierce’s place in Celtics Glory as a champion. ( COULD HAVE HAD 3…but again a blog for another day)



Pierce is everything a Celtic should be, tough, gritty, loyal and smart. His play, although not always smooth, got the job done. He was the blue collar star the franchise needed. Constantly giving back to the community schools and under privileged, Pierce will always be an icon in Boston. His last great gift to the Celtics was maybe the hardest….and that was agreeing to a trade that would take him out of Boston. By trading Pierce, the Celtics were able to avoid the mistakes of old, allowing a fading star to play out their time in the NBA for his team only hurts the franchise, the Celtics traded Paul and others away while he still had value, allowing the Celtics to have a map of their future through the NBA draft. Paul’s NBA career has come to an end this season and as the Celtics prepare to play a 2nd round game 7 that could bring them to a place no Celtic team has been without Paul Pierce since 1988, we should take a look back to acknowledge just how great Paul Pierce is because the Truth is….

Paul Pierce was not the player Boston deserved, he was The Truth we needed.

Thank you.

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Draymond is a Joke and C’s are on to Game 5

This guy has been stirring up the pot in the NBA for quite some time now. He does not and will not ever understand where he stands in the NBA. Is he a good basketball player? Yes of course, but the guy is a huge ass hat. From his verbal assaults with Charles Barkley to calling Paul Pierce a “has been”; guy just needs to know where he stands in a hall of legends. Green is currently standing in a corner… overshadowed by three of the best basketball players in the world (Durant, Curry and Thompson). So maybe that’s what truly irritates him, and he likes to take his frustration out on everyone else. Well guess what bub, you’re a douche kabob and everyone knows it. Guy will come at anyone in the league just to give him the attention that he apparently is desperate for.

  1. He comes at Kelly Olnynk for something that doesn’t relate to him at all. Oh wait it does, because he’s known to be the tough dirt dog baller and doesn’t want anyone to forget about him! We won’t Mr. Lonely. Cue Akon…

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Yea draymond bud, let’s talk dirty:



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2.  Isaiah Thomas was obviously going to back up his teammate on this topic, this Celtics team is a family (unlike the beg for camera attention  warriorettes).  Well while doing so Draymond got heated and thought a clever “comeback” would be:


LOL don’t worry bro we will.

Game 5 is on tonight and the Celtics are back on the home court with a tied series 2-2. We knew this was going to be a long, tough battle with the Wizards and we’ve seen no different. Games with heart at Home and eye gauging road games. Look for IT and the squad to feed off that Garden momentum and take home Game 5.  Expect some hilarious tough guy Olynk shirts  because remember no-one plays dirtier than him!

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Oh and one more thing…

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IT finishes in OT 

If you caught last nights Game 2  Celtics vs Wizards game; you genuinely caught a miraculous basketball game. I know it must’ve been tough trying to catch the Sox game prior in hopes you’d watch a bench clearing brawl and a stellar Sale performance but if you watched this Celtics game at all,you got a glimpse of what Celtics fan-hood is all about. If you were a fan last night standing in the concourse waiting for an $8 bag of kettle corn you would’ve thought the arena was playing a guns & roses concert; place was a jungle. From David Spade to Bill Belichick, all the stars were out aligning the parquet floor.

Celtics started this game a bit better than Game 1 and didn’t let up 16 points before getting their first bucket….Thank God. The Wizards were leading for most of this game but I wouldn’t necessarily say they were in control. Despite a demanding first quarter by the Wizards tallying 42 points to the Celtics 29, the Celtics kept their cool and began closing the gap until the third. Things were getting a bit testy again between IT and John Wall with counterpart Bradley Beal after IT hit his face on the floor tripping over Gortat that big goof,  of course it happens just after a lengthy dentist visit that kept him out of practice the day prior (luckily he was wearing a mouthguard).

Refs had a few iffy calls but this game goes to the heavenly presence of IT and the technical defense of Avery Bradley. Game was tied 114-114 at the end of regulation after John Wall failed on a game winning attempt. With the energy of the Garden heading into OT The Celtics ran away with it scoring 15 to Washington’s 5. IT ended the game with 53 points, making John Havlicek proud but missing his record by 1 point. Hondo scored 54 on April 1, 1973 against the hawks in game 1 of the first round.

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If the Celtics want to win in Washington they can’t fall behind early, they won’t have the hype of their home crowd along with Lucky’s green team to get them rolling when behind. This seems like a long-shot because waiting until the 4th quarter has been their style all year long but let’s hope we see improvement earlier in games. IT has proven he can surpass Washington’s 2-3 Zone but it’d be nice to see them utilize the pick and roll more often and dish to the outside 3 to boost the movement of the ball; exactly what Rozier and Bradley need to make those shots.  Bradley’s defense has been impeccable, if he can attack the ball before it crosses the arc without drawing fouls I think it will make up for IT”s lackluster defense. However IT obviously makes up for his defense with his stellar offensive ability; as long as he keeps hitting the big shots and dishing the ball instead of those forced shots the Celtics on their way to a couple road victories.

Full game re-cap:




Hopefully the Tooth Fairy is good to IT and the Celtics

Game 1 of the 2nd round started yesterday between the #1 East Celtics and the #4 Wizards. Going into this game the fans knew they were in for a great series to watch. These two teams had a few moments this season that showed this was a good rivalry in the making, both had players that threw verbal hay makers:

The teams’ last meeting on Jan. 11 proved costly for Wall. In the closing moments of the Wizards’ 117-108 loss, Wall and Crowder got into a verbal confrontation. The incident accelerated when Crowder extended his finger to Wall’s nose and security members rushed in to separate players. Later, Crowder continued the heated back-and-forth after the teams exited the TD Garden floor. Police officers lined the hallways to stand guard between the locker rooms. For his role in the incident, Wall was fined $15k and Crowder received a $25k punishment for his actions as well.

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This series will show some great offensive talent and the winner will be the ruler of the home court. Every time these teams have matched this season the home court team has the been ones on top, so watch that to be the pivotal advantage for the Celtics who have the home court.

Well they played game 1 yesterday and it wasn’t as testy as in January. The only verbal actions were the showboating of their on court ability. The game started off rough as the Wiz kids were up 16-0 to start the game. Things started rocky but the Celtics found their groove. I.T. had his tooth knocked out on an attempt to make a defensive play (maybe that’s why he steers away from playing defense). After his tooth fell out IT made every 3 pointer he took. Celtics took care of things and walked away winning 123-111.

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The teams will look to square up again on Tuesday night prime-time 8pm for Game 2.

Full game recap: 

TD Garden Tears & Friday’s Fate for Boston

Back to Back nights the TD Garden in Boston played host to fans that paid for over priced tickets, beer and food just to watch their teams lose in embarrassing fashion. I know I know I hate to be that guy but someone has to talk about these past two nights.

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Tuesday night the #1 seed Celtics fell extremely short to the #8 seed Bulls in game 2 111-97 and are now down in the series 2-0 heading to Chicago. Rajon Rondo had 11 points and 14 assists on a night when all five Bulls starters reached double figures. Dwyane Wade had 22 points, including 16 in the second half, and Robin Lopez added 18 points and eight points. The Celtics had a few key moments in Game 2 where you thought they’d prevail… and before you knew it they were committing awful turnovers, forcing shots and losing rebounds. ”We have to play hard no matter what,” Avery Bradley said. ”You go through a lot throughout a season. You’re going to face a lot of adversity. The best teams overcome any type of adversity.” The Celtics fans were electrifying in Game 2 in hopes their 1 seed would pull through even after the tragedy of IT’s sister. IT will rejoin the team after his sister’s funeral and will be ready for Game 3 which is on Friday in Chicago. Friday will determine if this Celtics team can fight to live another day or result in being down 3-0 in Chicago and face the embarrassment of being swept as the #1 seed.


Wednesday night the #3 seed Bruins played the #2 Senators in a Game 4 match up. Going into this game the Senators were up 2 games to 1 but every game has come down to the wire in a hard fought series with little mistakes. However with horrible officiating and a few of those mistakes becoming costly the Bruins fell short 2 games they could have won. This game proved no different. The Bruins lost at home last night 1-0. For a game with only one goal the fans got to see some great hockey. McAvoy scored his first career goal and it was turned away with a coach’s challenge as the refs came to the conclusion the play was offside after letting the Bruins play for over 30 seconds in the offensive zone. After the replay the play was clearly offside but the fact the pin stripe donkeys couldn’t catch it when it occurred and let them play on is a joke. It was a great goal and it sucks it was overturned but I do not blame that one play for them losing. Both goalies played outrageous between the pipes but Anderson just played one shot better.

He robbed Marchand with a minute left:


So on Friday Boston sports could meet their fate after a depressing start to round 1 of the playoffs. The Boston Bruins face elimination on Friday in Ottawa Game 5 with the Senators up 3-1. Bruins were looking pretty strong for a team that’s had to battle back every game but may not have what it takes to beat this Ottawa team looking to win at home and advance.  The Celtics have somewhat of a chance to stay alive but the way the Bulls are playing it looks unlikely; If the Celtics lose they will be down 3-0 with one more to go in Chicago. Have the remote this Friday and get ready to do a lot of praying and a lot of clicking.

Celtics @ Bulls 7:00pm CSN

Bruins @ Senators 7:30pm NESN

No giving up yet Boston, just keep doing you.

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Celtics Couldn’t Handle Healthy Cavs team

The Cavaliers obliterated the Celtics last night at the TD Garden. The house that Red built was sold out to the rafters and the Celtics could not show the hometown faithful they are the true #1 seed in the East. This was the last match-up between the two power houses of the East. Final score 114-91; Lebron and Kevin Love had full control of this one.

The season series ended with the Cavs on top winning 3 of the 4 matchups. The Celtics finally got to play a completely healthy Cavs team minus the rebound monster Tristan Thompson who is only out a few more games and that shows that the Celtics truly do not stand a chance against a team of that magnitude.

Full Game Recap

Although the NBA Championship dreams now seem unlikely that doesn’t mean we can’t at least get to the Eastern Conference and attempt to compete. Now with only 4 games left against the Hawks, Hornets, Nets and Bucks the Celtics would have to win all 4 of these games and hope the Hawks, Heat or Raptors can play upset in 2 of the last 4 games for the Cavs to keep any #1 seed hopes alive. The Hawks may actually have a chance the season series is 1-1 between the two teams but again after watching last night’s healthy Cavs team, they look nearly unstoppable at least in the East.

If the Celtics maintain this #2 seed they could potentially play the Bulls, Hawks or Heat depending on the result of these last 4 games. The Bulls are breezing down the home stretch playing the nets twice along with 76ers and magic to end their season. They might sweep the 6th seed if the Hawks lose both times against the Cavs. The way this season is winding down it looks like Celtics will lock the #2 seed and play the Hawks at the #7 seed. The Pacers will sneak into the #8 seed to play the Cavs and the Miami Heat gets knocked out of the playoffs. Don’t cry yet Celtics fans we’ll still have about 2 solid rounds of NBA playoffs before getting obliterated by the Cavs if they stay healthy.

The Cavs and Celtics Will Battle For The Number One Seed Tomorrow Night at The Garden

Speculation is that the Cavs will not rest their starters against the Celtics in Boston tomorrow night. They play Orlando at home tonight and then travel here to play a game that will most likely determine the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

This is a surprising move to me because I expected Lebron to cower away from a big moment per usual. I figured we would see Korver and J.R. Smith throw up 80 shots and the Celtics to half-ass their way throughout a boring game. Instead, Cleveland is coming in with their big guns and if the Celtics were to win tomorrow night, Cleveland should get nervous.

A lot of fans are saying this number one seed doesn’t mean shit, but I think a win tomorrow night boosts confidence going into the playoffs, and puts some pressure on Lebron. Finishing at 1 also gives the Celtics home-court throughout the playoffs and I think that’s a real advantage. The Garden’s a fucking nut house during the playoffs.

The Celtics need 1st place and Lebron’s tears

Last Night Cleveland and Bron Bron were full of tears. The Cavs lost to the Spurs 74 – 103 in dramatic fashion, Lebron cried his way through this game after getting “Hit in the back of the neck” or “Taking an elbow to the spine”. Well this is just hilarious so I’ll let you see for yourself.

 “I’ll be ready by Thursday,” James said. <<< That is just adorable.

Anyways that Cavs’ loss last night resulted in the Celtics to take over 1st place in the east and sit at the top by just .5 games over Cleveland and 8 games left of the season. The Celtics are in first place over Lebron’s dynasty can you believe it? I can, simply because this Boston team has fight still in them and they want this to be their year.

In fact, they really want that first place spot; here is what Isaiah Thomas had to say about being tied with Cleveland on Sunday before the Cavs loss last night, “I mean, it’s nice (to be in a virtual tie), it’s just a tie though. So it’s not that cool. Hopefully we can secure that spot and be No. 1 but we just have to control what we can control and take it game by game. We can’t really worry about what Cleveland’s doing and what other teams are doing if we control our own destiny at this point.”

Home team advantage in any sport is remarkable it’s actually been proven but in the NBA it’s a necessity to win a championship and IT and the Green know that. If they’re thinking short term playoff scenarios and maintain this 1st place seed (If these standings stay congruent) they want to play the Heat in the first round that they’re 4-0 against this season. Second round they’d play the winner of Toronto and Atlanta. We play miserably against Toronto especially across the border, 1-3 against the Raptors this season so this team may give us some trouble yet excitement for a second round match up. If the Celtics were to lose this 1st place seed and they were on the other side of the spectrum as a 2nd place seed they could play the Wizards in the second round so either way they’re in for a tough dos round battle in the East.

If the great stars were to align in the hands of the Lord Red Auerbach we would meet Cleveland in the Eastern conference finals with home court advantage. The Celtics need this parquet floor advantage because LeBron can’t handle this pressure of Boston, chicken hats and dancing Jamaican ginos. Lebron and the Cavs thrive at the quicker loans arena so we need to keep them far away from that shithole; the Celtics are 0-2 in Cleveland this year. Boston and Cleveland play one last time on April 5th and I genuinely think this game will determine whose sitting pretty in 1st place and will exhibit the importance of home court advantage when these two play in the conference finals.

Image result for red auerbach gif Isn’t that right Red?

Also Happy Tuesday! Here is a bunch of Lebron flop, dives and bitching

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