2017 Summer Brew Buys

Gear up this summer with some awesome Beach buys for Summer 2017

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We have rated the top stuff of 2017 that is all affordable and won’t break your beer money account.

Summer only lasts so long in New England so better get this stuff while you Kan-Jam.

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Team Slides

Rep your favorite team (Patriots) in these NFL team slides for the beach or just walking around in the heat. Comfy slides that can take some wear and tear and especially second half Superbowl comebacks. These are awesome and wicked affordable.

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The spike ball set that won’t cost you $65. After a few cold ones in the sand this is the perfect competitive game for the boys of summer.Overall cheap price and tons of fun can’t beat it:

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USA Kan-Jam Set

This just has party in the USA Written all over it. Enjoy Kan Jam as a true American Patriot. No more dull black Kan-jam Barrel- do what our founding fathers wanted us to do in 2017 and that is throw frisbees on a sunny beach into a little rectangle carved into an American barrel.

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 Cooler Speakers  

We have put a man on the moon and now America has gone one step further and fused Bluetooth speakers into coolers. Genius. These small compacted coolers are perfect to throw a 12 pack in while syncing up your phone to play some Aldean. No more worrying about that $200 Bose getting sandy!

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Beach Pad

These Beach pads are putting the beach chair and towel game out of business. No longer will you have to keep re-adjusting that towel or chair you lay out this huge pad and claim your area of the beach. All the ladies can lay out on one big towel. The Sand free mat is also something out of this world. Even if your mat attracts any sand you just rub it into the mat and its magic removes it to the bottom of the mat.

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Sand Free Beach Mat

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ShotGun Beer Tool

I was against this at first because most of the fun in a beer shotgun is slashing your key into a beer and super soaking everyone around you then slamming it down. But only in this fine country did someone invent a tool to make it done right and for that I support it. Introducing the Shotgun beer bong.

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Frisbee Ball

This is a must for the beach. You can transform a game of beach soccer into a game of ultimate frisbee with one thing… The Fris-ball. This thing is so sick and comes highly recommended. Technology has come a long way but now and this is revolutionary.

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