Hate to say it but Cavs-Warriors are next Celtics-Lakers

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This Year’s NBA Finals boasts some of the greatest athletes in the world, there is no doubt about it. I know, we are all sick and tired of the Cavs and Warriors but this is exactly how every fan felt across the country in the 60’s -80’s. I cannot stand the comparison saying these two teams are now the modern day Celtics vs Lakers but in fact that is exactly what we are witnessing. The Celtics and Lakers have the historical existence and this rivalry even came back to entertain us years later.

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This rivalry did not die out with magic Johnson and Larry Legend; it came back through the spirits of Kobe and Pierce in 2008-2010. Boston and LA met a whopping 12 times in the NBA Finals with the Celtics remain at the top going  9-3 in those match-ups.

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The Warriors and Cavs are meeting now in the finals for the 3rd time in 3 years and are 1-1 in the Final series against each other. What evidence do we have that could possibly foreshadow these two dynasties being the next big rivalry? Well besides ESPN telling us every second of every day that it just might happen let’s look at the common denominator here. Now I wouldn’t say its evidence per say, but it looks more like; oh shit we’re doomed to witness this for the next 10 years.

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I chose 1962 and 2017 as the perfect years to compare both rivalries. Both are perfect time-frames to take a look at, you’ll see why:

(Put on that thinking cap skipper)

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1962 NBA All-star players from Celtics and Lakers

Player, Team 
Elgin Baylor, LAL
Jerry West, LAL
Frank Selvy, LAL
Rudy LaRusso, LAL (injured)
Player, Team 
Bob Cousy, BOS
Bill Russell, BOS
Sam Jones, BOS
Tom Heinsohn, BOS

2017 NBA All-star players from Cavs and Warriors

Player, Team 
Stephen Curry, GSW
Kevin Durant, GSW
Klay Thompson, GSW
Draymond Green,GSW
Player, Team 
 Kyrie Irving, CLE
LeBron James, CLE
Kevin Love, CLE

In that era, that group of all-star Celtics players won 7 championships. That all-star group of Lakers didn’t win until 10 years later against the Knicks. The basketball championship methodology is that a big-3 wins championships but the only thing that beats a big-3 is of course a big-4. Much like the 1960’s Celtics the Warriors now have that big 4 and are a wrecking crew.

Now to Time warp in the Delorean…

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Now in the present; The Warriors are up 1 game heading into game 2. Lebron might rally his troops for 1 or 2 games but this series belongs to the Warriors. The Truth Paul Pierce said last night on ABC ” If this dynasty doesn’t win at least 7 championships with this roster their legitimacy would be questioned for a long time”.  I agree Truth. Well here goes to watching the same two teams run the NBA for the next few years and hope the Celtics can entertain us in the meantime.

Never Forget…

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