Celtics sneak by Cavs in Game 3


Celtics 111

Cavaliers 108

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The Celtics snuck by with a win in Cleveland against LeBron and gang without Isaiah Thomas!? Am I surprised? Yes… because I along with the rest of this fine country lost money. Kevin Love started the game off strong and tallied 28 points in this one but Celtics were neck and neck and didn’t give up. Before the game this team walked on the court for warmups and looked like they were walking out of Manchester by the sea and yet somehow this team shocked the world last night. This year the headlining story was meant to be the Cavs vs Warriors, the two undrafted teams in the playoffs clash for an unforgettable championship duel of the best in the East and West. Well there’s a good chance that still happens, very good chance actually, I’d bet a kidney or two on it. But this game just made things a whole-lot more interesting. What did this game do for this series and for the rest of the playoffs?

  1. The Cavs took their foot off the pedal last night and at home. They thought they were going to breeze without Isiah Thomas on the court so they definitely took the night off, especially on the boards and defensively. However IT was tending to take the unnecessary 3 pointer when trailing instead of finding the open man and driving the lane and not being able to find the light at the end of the tunnel resulting in more forced shots and blocks. Love IT on this team but teamwork is going to win against the Cavs and last night they started to show that.
  2. This forces a game 5. This is one more game the Cavs have to play. Golden State loves that. The Warriors play to win their series tonight against the Spurs. They may have a full week off to rest and relax and get a practice or 6 in before the finals. This is going to urke Cleveland but the Celtics could play this to their advantage.
  3. The Celtics can now play their secret weapon. They’ve used their secret weapon all season and stopped when they started the playoffs. PLAY JONAS JEREBKO. Some may find this as a joke but this man can shoot the basketball. In 12 minutes last night he scored 10 points and was 4 for 4 and made 2-3 pointers. Hey Brad, play JONAS!

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4. Use Game 5’s home court advantage. They played so bad at home and       disappointed their beloved fans who stood by them all season. Use them and play for them!

Game 4 in Cleveland is tomorrow; let’s see if the Cavs put the pedal to the metal and blow them out again or if the Celtics can prevail with the precision shooting of Avery Bradley, Jonas and Kelly slong with Crowder collecting the boards but remember Jonas “the secret weapon” Jerebko doesn’t miss…

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Author: Ferg


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