Draymond is a Joke and C’s are on to Game 5

This guy has been stirring up the pot in the NBA for quite some time now. He does not and will not ever understand where he stands in the NBA. Is he a good basketball player? Yes of course, but the guy is a huge ass hat. From his verbal assaults with Charles Barkley to calling Paul Pierce a “has been”; guy just needs to know where he stands in a hall of legends. Green is currently standing in a corner… overshadowed by three of the best basketball players in the world (Durant, Curry and Thompson). So maybe that’s what truly irritates him, and he likes to take his frustration out on everyone else. Well guess what bub, you’re a douche kabob and everyone knows it. Guy will come at anyone in the league just to give him the attention that he apparently is desperate for.

  1. He comes at Kelly Olnynk for something that doesn’t relate to him at all. Oh wait it does, because he’s known to be the tough dirt dog baller and doesn’t want anyone to forget about him! We won’t Mr. Lonely. Cue Akon…

Image result for mr lonely gif

Yea draymond bud, let’s talk dirty:



Image result for draymond green marcus smart gif


2.  Isaiah Thomas was obviously going to back up his teammate on this topic, this Celtics team is a family (unlike the beg for camera attention  warriorettes).  Well while doing so Draymond got heated and thought a clever “comeback” would be:


LOL don’t worry bro we will.

Game 5 is on tonight and the Celtics are back on the home court with a tied series 2-2. We knew this was going to be a long, tough battle with the Wizards and we’ve seen no different. Games with heart at Home and eye gauging road games. Look for IT and the squad to feed off that Garden momentum and take home Game 5.  Expect some hilarious tough guy Olynk shirts  because remember no-one plays dirtier than him!

Image result for kelly olynyk

Image result for isaiah thomas and you know that

Oh and one more thing…

 Image result for bro gif

Author: Ferg


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