Boston… We Are Fans 


Thursday Night the Red Sox and Orioles completed a four game series, with both teams winning two games… And what did everyone take from that series ?

 “That Boston is a racist city”

Here we fuckin go again. Two fuck tards, two nights in a row dropped the N bomb. One guy called Adam Jones (star center fielder for the Orioles) the N word. Really guy? No seriously are you fuckin kidding me? 

Let’s Evaluate: 

Buddy busing days are over get your head out of your ass it’s 2017; wake the fuck up. The other idiot did not call anyone anything but was “over heard” saying it to their friend. We’re not gonna play who did this or this happened because…how about let’s discuss: What happened next?                   The 32,000 fans gave him a standing O the following game. Not because mookie told them too, they did it because they know what’s right and they treat everyone like human beings.

Thanks to these two ignorant assholes now our whole city is being deemed racist. The result of this is a life time ban for both these idiots. I am definitely not condoning this act of it happened at all but let’s look at the punishment as well…really a life time ban? First of all how the fuck are they going to enforce that? Let’s be real Fenway does not have facial recognition technology, so what’s gonna happen? The guy gets to the gate and when the ticket scans it says sorry bud you have a life time ban. Yeah right good joke. If I were that guy I would go around the corner buy tickets from a scalper and walk into Fenway with two middle fingers in the air saying fuck you John Henry. Due to the ignorance of these two ass clowns, Boston is once again deemed one of the most racist cities in the country. 

Let’s get one thing straight, if you’re rom Boston you don’t pronounce the letter R. It’s impossible it’s like trying to slam a revolving door. In turn, for someone to use such a fowl word, that they would have to actually put effort and try to prounounce the crime of this N word.. they clearly were not from around here. These two Dbag Kabobs are not true Bostonians and should get the fuck out of this city. Just because two dumbasses dropped the N bomb doesn’t mean the whole city is a bunch of racists. Has Boston had their racist moments? Eh just a tad bit, just a tad. If Alabama had a pro sports team this shit wouldnt even be news cause it would happen at every game. Hell, their logo would probably have the confederate flag( fucked up but true). Boston is the city of champions, not a city of racist shitbags. Our true colors were shown in April of 2013 after the Boston Marathon. This whole city came together and became one strong city. Just cause s group of people decide to go full michael Richards (Kramer) moment doesn’t mean we’re all like this. 

If Boston was racist do you think we would have drafted a black goalie ? Nope. If Boston was racist would we have signed the first black NHL player? Nope. If Boston was racist would we have drafted the first black NBA player ? Nope.          

Ownership and fanhood alike, we favorite all players who play well for their city no matter the race, age or gender.

So look at the history of our sports, we’re very accepting here;  however it takes only a few bad eggs for everyone to consider us trash. So for the two fuckheads and ESPN I say, thanks assholes for once again giving everyone the wrong representation of us. 
We are Boston Strong not Boston Hicks.



Author: Ferg


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