Hopefully the Tooth Fairy is good to IT and the Celtics

Game 1 of the 2nd round started yesterday between the #1 East Celtics and the #4 Wizards. Going into this game the fans knew they were in for a great series to watch. These two teams had a few moments this season that showed this was a good rivalry in the making, both had players that threw verbal hay makers:

The teams’ last meeting on Jan. 11 proved costly for Wall. In the closing moments of the Wizards’ 117-108 loss, Wall and Crowder got into a verbal confrontation. The incident accelerated when Crowder extended his finger to Wall’s nose and security members rushed in to separate players. Later, Crowder continued the heated back-and-forth after the teams exited the TD Garden floor. Police officers lined the hallways to stand guard between the locker rooms. For his role in the incident, Wall was fined $15k and Crowder received a $25k punishment for his actions as well.

Image result for crowder and john wall gif

This series will show some great offensive talent and the winner will be the ruler of the home court. Every time these teams have matched this season the home court team has the been ones on top, so watch that to be the pivotal advantage for the Celtics who have the home court.

Well they played game 1 yesterday and it wasn’t as testy as in January. The only verbal actions were the showboating of their on court ability. The game started off rough as the Wiz kids were up 16-0 to start the game. Things started rocky but the Celtics found their groove. I.T. had his tooth knocked out on an attempt to make a defensive play (maybe that’s why he steers away from playing defense). After his tooth fell out IT made every 3 pointer he took. Celtics took care of things and walked away winning 123-111.

Image result for isaiah thomas tooth knocked out gif

The teams will look to square up again on Tuesday night prime-time 8pm for Game 2.

Full game recap: 


Author: Ferg


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