Patriots Day 2017



It. Is. Tiiiiiime. The 2017 Boston Marathon is this Monday, 4/18. Patriots Day aka BOSTONS Holiday. The Marathon is a time for when friends, family, and strangers all get together along the 26.2 mile route to cheer on the runners who have made the commitment to run. Wake up early. Have a few mimosas. Pack the trains early. It’s gonna be a hell of a day.

If you’re not a Bostonian/New Englander, you probably ask yourself, why? Why would thousands of people stand on the sidewalks and watch people run 26.2 miles? Why? Because we’re New Englanders. We get hyped up about everything. College kids come out and drink their faces off and scream louder than a Bruins game 7 playoff game(maybe). The bars are SWAMPED. Your back may start hurting from all the beers your carrying. But in all seriousness, Boston has been doing this for years. I even asked myself this when I was 8 years old at my first Marathon Monday. My family drove all the way into the city from good ol Hanson Ma to see the Marathon. I asked my Dad, “why?”. He responded with, “Because this is what we do. The runners need us.” And damn right Poppa Lyons. Imagine running for that long and having no one there to cheer you on? I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush.


Yes, this is what we do. We stick together as Bostonians. Runners, spectators, all of us. No matter who you are, what your social status is, we just stick together. And this has meant so much since April 15th, 2013. The tragedy known as the Boston Marathon Bombing. Now I don’t want to get too much into the details of what happened. The few things I want to mention is 1: those scumbags are gonna burn in hell and rightfully so. And 2: The goddamn resiliency of this city. Boston is a strong city. We became even stronger after what happened that day.


I was living in the heart of the city during that time and never in life have I seen so much love and togetherness. We prayed, we hugged, we cried, and we remembered. We remembered the ones we lost. We remembered the ones that were severely injured. But we didn’t just remember. We don’t stop there. We did something about it. People helped each other. Joe Andruzzi, Carlos Arrendondo, and Robert Wheeler, just to name a few. They were runners and spectators that helped people get out of a tragic situation. One of my favorite things I heard from that day was that some of the runners KEPT RUNNING to the hospitals where victims were taken to donate blood. That is was this city is all about.

528460_10100159361430705_1944785897_n (got heeeeeem)

We didn’t get scared of this tragic event. The term “Boston Strong” literally means what it says. It fits perfect for a scrappy, blue collar city like Boston. The next few years were bigger than ever. The crowds got bigger and better. Rain or shine.

Boston Marathon

2013 Boston Marathon

So pretty much, don’t mess with us. If you even have the strength to knock us down, too bad. We’re getting right back up and we’ll put a boot in your ass(that’s the AMERICAN WAYYY)

So go out there, cheer on the runners and enjoy yourself. Grab a beer and grab some friends. Enjoy the fact that you can call yourself a New Englander. And if your not from New England, that’s okay. Call yourself a patriot that day.

And to all the runners out there. God Bless. I praise you for doing what you do. Raising money for whatever cause you are running for, and just having the balls to run 26.2 miles. Good Luck to all of you!


Also, if you want, take a look at this video ESPN did a few years back. They seriously nailed it.

(Disclaimer: Onions will be cut)



“No more hurting people, peace.” – Martin Richard


Happy Marathon Day to all.






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