Celtics Couldn’t Handle Healthy Cavs team

The Cavaliers obliterated the Celtics last night at the TD Garden. The house that Red built was sold out to the rafters and the Celtics could not show the hometown faithful they are the true #1 seed in the East. This was the last match-up between the two power houses of the East. Final score 114-91; Lebron and Kevin Love had full control of this one.

The season series ended with the Cavs on top winning 3 of the 4 matchups. The Celtics finally got to play a completely healthy Cavs team minus the rebound monster Tristan Thompson who is only out a few more games and that shows that the Celtics truly do not stand a chance against a team of that magnitude.

Full Game Recap

Although the NBA Championship dreams now seem unlikely that doesn’t mean we can’t at least get to the Eastern Conference and attempt to compete. Now with only 4 games left against the Hawks, Hornets, Nets and Bucks the Celtics would have to win all 4 of these games and hope the Hawks, Heat or Raptors can play upset in 2 of the last 4 games for the Cavs to keep any #1 seed hopes alive. The Hawks may actually have a chance the season series is 1-1 between the two teams but again after watching last night’s healthy Cavs team, they look nearly unstoppable at least in the East.

If the Celtics maintain this #2 seed they could potentially play the Bulls, Hawks or Heat depending on the result of these last 4 games. The Bulls are breezing down the home stretch playing the nets twice along with 76ers and magic to end their season. They might sweep the 6th seed if the Hawks lose both times against the Cavs. The way this season is winding down it looks like Celtics will lock the #2 seed and play the Hawks at the #7 seed. The Pacers will sneak into the #8 seed to play the Cavs and the Miami Heat gets knocked out of the playoffs. Don’t cry yet Celtics fans we’ll still have about 2 solid rounds of NBA playoffs before getting obliterated by the Cavs if they stay healthy.


Author: Ferg


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