The Cavs and Celtics Will Battle For The Number One Seed Tomorrow Night at The Garden

Speculation is that the Cavs will not rest their starters against the Celtics in Boston tomorrow night. They play Orlando at home tonight and then travel here to play a game that will most likely determine the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

This is a surprising move to me because I expected Lebron to cower away from a big moment per usual. I figured we would see Korver and J.R. Smith throw up 80 shots and the Celtics to half-ass their way throughout a boring game. Instead, Cleveland is coming in with their big guns and if the Celtics were to win tomorrow night, Cleveland should get nervous.

A lot of fans are saying this number one seed doesn’t mean shit, but I think a win tomorrow night boosts confidence going into the playoffs, and puts some pressure on Lebron. Finishing at 1 also gives the Celtics home-court throughout the playoffs and I think that’s a real advantage. The Garden’s a fucking nut house during the playoffs.


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