The Celtics need 1st place and Lebron’s tears

Last Night Cleveland and Bron Bron were full of tears. The Cavs lost to the Spurs 74 – 103 in dramatic fashion, Lebron cried his way through this game after getting “Hit in the back of the neck” or “Taking an elbow to the spine”. Well this is just hilarious so I’ll let you see for yourself.

 “I’ll be ready by Thursday,” James said. <<< That is just adorable.

Anyways that Cavs’ loss last night resulted in the Celtics to take over 1st place in the east and sit at the top by just .5 games over Cleveland and 8 games left of the season. The Celtics are in first place over Lebron’s dynasty can you believe it? I can, simply because this Boston team has fight still in them and they want this to be their year.

In fact, they really want that first place spot; here is what Isaiah Thomas had to say about being tied with Cleveland on Sunday before the Cavs loss last night, “I mean, it’s nice (to be in a virtual tie), it’s just a tie though. So it’s not that cool. Hopefully we can secure that spot and be No. 1 but we just have to control what we can control and take it game by game. We can’t really worry about what Cleveland’s doing and what other teams are doing if we control our own destiny at this point.”

Home team advantage in any sport is remarkable it’s actually been proven but in the NBA it’s a necessity to win a championship and IT and the Green know that. If they’re thinking short term playoff scenarios and maintain this 1st place seed (If these standings stay congruent) they want to play the Heat in the first round that they’re 4-0 against this season. Second round they’d play the winner of Toronto and Atlanta. We play miserably against Toronto especially across the border, 1-3 against the Raptors this season so this team may give us some trouble yet excitement for a second round match up. If the Celtics were to lose this 1st place seed and they were on the other side of the spectrum as a 2nd place seed they could play the Wizards in the second round so either way they’re in for a tough dos round battle in the East.

If the great stars were to align in the hands of the Lord Red Auerbach we would meet Cleveland in the Eastern conference finals with home court advantage. The Celtics need this parquet floor advantage because LeBron can’t handle this pressure of Boston, chicken hats and dancing Jamaican ginos. Lebron and the Cavs thrive at the quicker loans arena so we need to keep them far away from that shithole; the Celtics are 0-2 in Cleveland this year. Boston and Cleveland play one last time on April 5th and I genuinely think this game will determine whose sitting pretty in 1st place and will exhibit the importance of home court advantage when these two play in the conference finals.

Image result for red auerbach gif Isn’t that right Red?

Also Happy Tuesday! Here is a bunch of Lebron flop, dives and bitching

Image result for lebron james flop gifs

Image result for lebron flop gifs

Image result for lebron hurt gifs

Image result for lebron james flop gifs

Image result for lebron james hurt gifs


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