Music Friday

Back at it again with this weeks new music. Like I said before, I’m going to try and put together the best songs of the week and get you ready for the weekend.

As usual, check out my pregame playlist:



Just gonna get right to it. K DOT IS BACK. Did he ever leave? NO

Kendrick dopped “The Heart Part 4” late last night. He reminded us that he is one of the best in the game right now lyrically. Song starts off slow, but then the switch up about 2 minutes in just crushes it. That’s the Kendrick I love. Be sure to bump this all weekend and get ready for the album


Drake dropped more life last Saturday.

The long, long awaited album finally reached the ears of everyone. Pretty sure this was supposed to drop like 6 months ago, but whatever. I love this album, it’s got a bit of everything, but it’s certainly not drakes best work. Definitely check it out and throw a few songs on while your pregaming this weekend. Producer “Murda Beatz” helped out on a few songs on the album. Be on the lookout in 2017 for this young up and coming white kid from Ontario. His beats get you jacked up.



Another song from the new Fast and Furious franchise. Get ya boys together and blast this shit through the speakers. This makes me want to rob someone, kick someones ass, kick em out the club(shouts out Gronk). The line up on this track is perfect. Wiz kills it as usual.


More Blink!!

Blink came out with this new song over the weekend. I read up that once they finished their tour last year, they said screw it, let’s make more music. Alas, this banger of a song. I love how last summer Blink went back to their old roots and kept that pop punk heavy style. Mark Hoppus came out and stated that they will be making a California Deluxe edition with a shit load of new songs. It’s set to drop in May. Cannot wait.




Iggy Azalea still sucks.


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