Boooooooins lose to Lightning at Home 


That Bruins game last night was the pure definition of a playoff bound team collapsing at the end of the season. If you solely looked at the score you would had guessed it was an exciting , high scoring thriller. That game was more bland than oatmeal, and not the one with the dinosaur eggs.

Anytime the Bruins would score a well deserved goal, Tampa Bay answered with one of their own within just a couple minutes if that. The worst part about this is Cassidy saw it coming but kept guys in there even after they were gassed ( cough,cough… Chara). It also appeared that the Bruins old ways of starting little scraps and getting unsportsmanlike penalties was back in full swing due to their frustration and lack of defense after scoring.

First period was slow not a lot of scoring chances and ended 0-0. Second period was the best but nothing to cheer about. Bruins scored 3 goals and Tampa replied every time, period ended 3-3. Third period was when Rome fell and the Lightning scored 3 more times and the Bruins couldn’t answer once. This team was boooooed bad by the couple hundred fans that remained in their seats until the end…


We all know where the Bruins remain now in terms of the standings, now a 4th place seed getting bumped down from Toronto and now only 3 points up on a last place Lightning in the Atlantic Division. Are you friggin kidding me?! Crazy how much one week and 3 games can make this big of an impact on an entire season. The Big Bad Bruins need to figure it out because after this past weeks performance their just the Big Bad Bruins emphasis on the Bad.

Not worth going over who scored and who did what. Tuuka let up 2 really bad goals but this game is on defensive strategy that failed and poor coaching.

Full game Re-cap.


Author: Ferg


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