Quit playin games


What does this mean!?!!???!!!? Things have changed but nothing changed?!?!!? WHAT?

It’s literally gotten to the point where athletes enjoy trolling us. Exhibit A. Malcom Butler on a plane using the words change twice in one sentence and sporting black and gold(Steelers?!?!?!)

Every athlete that does this on social media is a troll. First Jimmy, now Butler. Lets not forget the time Isaiah Thomas sent out all those cryptic tweets during the trade deadline. People went NUTS. I think it’s hilarious. I love it. Make us freak out. Give me something to write about. Give me a heart attack.

But this is literally the most vague post I’ve ever seen. Maybe he’s just quoting Drake. Or maybe he’s leaving us.

Damn trolls.


Author: Scuba

Man of the people.

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