Why Bruins vs. Sens tonight is a must watch…

Tonight it’s a battle of the Atlantic.

This game will decide who the official contender of the Atlantic Division will be. I’d say this is a near comparison of the Brits vs the Germans in the Battle of the Atlantic minus the U-boats and the slater torpedoes.Image result for The SLATERs ww2

The 2nd place Sens finally come to the Garden to play the 3rd place Bruins. Finally this Ottawa team comes to our home ice. Bruins are fresh off a two game losing streak, including the most recent disastrous loss against Toronto and quite honestly a BS call to end the game but they’ll need to put that behind them and need to fire themselves out of a cannon from the first puck drop tonight.  This game is hugeeee…

  • Bruins are 0-2 in Ottawa this season… They have a lot to prove on home ice.
  • Bruins look to close the gap on 2nd place and move away from 4th place Toronto who are only ahead by 1 point now…
  • That 2nd place seed would result in home ice against a possible Ottawa team. (much needed)
  • Despite the losses– Marchand is on fire (37 Goals and 80 total points) and will look to capitalize on that against a Sens team that let up 4 goals to Montreal on Sunday.

Image result for marchand deke gif

Bruins have let up 11 goals in the last 2 Games; Cassidy had this to say about his Goal-tending per Bruins.com, “He was excellent. I’m not going to fault our goal tending, He made the saves, to keep us in the game, give us a chance to win. So did their guy. It was a great game, until the penalty call I thought, to be honest with you. It was a really good hockey game, and it’s unfortunate that we get no points out of it.”

Tuuka made some tough saves so I won’t completely fault him, this Defense needs turnovers and this Offense needs to capitalize on all opportunities. They have a tough road ahead and it starts tonight. Playoff feels every possession.


Author: Ferg


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