St Patty’s Day? The most American day of all.

Rise and shine it is the day we all look forward to here in Boston, as you know….EVACUATION DAY.

12 score and 1 year ago today the God like General George Washington ousted General William Howe and his soldiers from Boston March 17th 1776. Fortified in the Dorchester Heights using cannons captured at Ticonderoga General George Washington forced the British garrison and navy to retreat from Boston. Hot off of the Battle of Bunker Hill ( Breeds Hill) the British had already received considerable loss of life to the Patriot’s and fearing a repeat, General Howe tucked tail and ran for Nova Scotia casually. This marks the first victory of the Revolutionary war and the first city to be liberated from British rule.


Coincidentally the day falls on Saint Patrick’s day, the greatest Saint of them all to the Irish people , a group of people who, coincidentally make up a majority population of Boston and…historically have great disdain and resentment for the British. It is no surprise that the smart, intelligent people of Boston realized both these glorious days take place on the same day and motioned to have this day made a local holiday for the city and surrounding areas.

With that I say, in a time where the meaning of being American is no longer clear, the most patriotic thing you can do, is thank God for immigrants and drink up with green on like it’s the RED WHITE AND BLUE. If you see someone demanding beer and drinking their fill cheaply without paying their fair share, or you see your fellow mate suffering mental taxation without representation( blow jobs/anal) from a girl, it is your Patriotic duty to kick her out like General George Washington.

In George Washington we trust

As a half irish white guy with a red beard I say- Happy Saint Patty’s Day

As a proudly ignorant citizen of the U S OF A and resident of Boston I say HAPPY EVACUATION DAY!

12 score and 1 year means 241, a score= 20 years. 12 of them equals 240, plus 1….job well done.math so hot right now.math


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