Should the Patriots take another shot at Darrelle Revis?

One the best corners in the game became a shell of himself in 2016, blowing coverage on big plays, getting out played by every elite receiver he faced. Now Darrelle Revis is a free agent once again. Revis faced up to 4 felony charges stemming from an altercation last month in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Many of us believed that his career was most likely over but when Revis appeared in court yesterday, which he learned that all of his charges would be dropped. Now his focus is to find a new team and regain what he was doing best just a couple of seasons ago being that shutdown corner.

As you recall Darrelle Revis signed with the patriots in 2014 off season and would be a major factor in bringing a fourth Lombardi trophy back to New England that same season. Many people believed that it was just a one year marriage between Revis and the Pats as both sides could not come to agreement to a long term extension a year later. Revis then elected to sign with his former team the Jets in one of the richest contracts for a cornerback in NFL history. Revis got his ring and his contract but his performance dipped big time. I mean watch any game film from 2016, he looked disinterested and out of shape. Now he claims he’s “10 pounds lighter” than he was at this time last year, and that the “hunger is there” for the upcoming season.

I would be all in favor of welcoming back Revis. It would be your classic Belichick move, and I think Revis still has a lot left in the tank. You can’t just lose it all after one season, I think he was not motivated to be playing for such an awful New York Jets team. It’s looking like Malcolm Butler will be traded sooner or later and while they added Stephon Gilmore, they still need depth at the corner position. I think Revis will be motivated to play on a winning squad once again and he can fit right back into his role similar to 2014. Him and Gilmore can potentially become a great shutdown tandem. If Revis were to come back I’m guessing it will be short term like 1 or 2 years and cheap money. Revis has already cashed in money wise. He should now cash in with another championship in New England and have the chance to restore in legacy as one of the best corners in the game.


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