*Red Sox Players to Watch Alert*

Kyle “The gunslinger” Kendricks

The 32 year old Right hand Pitcher is absolutely dominating in the grapefruit league right now for the Boston Red Sox. Name sound familiar? This guy has been floating around the MLB and minor leagues for quite some time now; he may sound familiar because he was part of the starting rotation for the Phillies in the 2008 World Series. Kendricks played with the club from 2007-2014 before accepting a one year deal with the Rockies and was named their opening day starter. After a tough year in the rocky mountains going 7-13 with a 6.32 era he left to sign with the Angles in 2016….where he spent the whole year on the minor league Salt Lake Bees.  The Red Sox decided to invite him to Fort Meyers this January and sign him to a minor league contract. Kendricks is currently proving that he can pitch in the AL and does not want to live down in Pawtucket (Can you blame him?). Kendricks had this to say to the globe “As long as I’m healthy and pitching my game, I think I can help a team, Happy to be here, happy they gave me a chance, and going with it.”

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Guy has a great wind-up and has three very deceptive pitches: Curve ball, change up and a wild sinker that can range anywhere from 87-93mph.

So Far in Fort Meyers Kendricks has gone 18 innings in 5 games and has only let up 3 runs with an era of 1.50.  We will definitely be seeing this guy in the mix with our already stacked pitching rotation. Oh another reason to love this guy, he tied that knot with that chick Stephanie from Survivor…

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Noe Ramirez

This guy has proved the last two spring trainings that he can pitch…In warm sunny Florida. The hard throwing, Right Handed pitcher from Cal State Fullerton was chosen 142nd overall in the 4th round of the 2011 draft. He got lit up his first spring training in 2013 but the last 3 years he has been a spring training gem.


Keep an eye out for him throughout the long, grueling minor league season. Hopefully he made the necessary adjustments and can become a bullpen asset by the fall.

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