Red Sox Opening Day Around the Corner

We approach that time of year, the bad hot dogs, the overpriced beer, and girls in Red Sox hats and short jean shorts. Nothing better than the trifecta of those three things inside the Cathedral of Boston.  New England winters are like an unstable girlfriend, hot and cold, you can have a 60 degree spring day, next thing you know you are snowed in with 3 feet of snow every week with below zero temps. If death created time to grow the things it kills, God created winter to let us appreciate baseball and for no other reason, girls in short jeans tits out and a RedSox Cap on with preferably two gansets in each hand to hand off to me for what I hope will be a boob luge in an alley way……ahem so the The Sox open up in 18 days from now against the Pirates, a team that came in 3rd in the National league central with a gross record of 78-83.

Opening day is not about the Pirates though, April 3rd marks day 1 in the year of our Lord David Ortiz. We are living in a post David Ortiz world and the dream comes crashing towards reality the first Monday of April.

636107142716534652-1083418697_davis_st2232_spts-15912 3.jpg

Nobody wanted to see this day come but it is has cum all over RedSox Nation in the least satisfying way. That in mind, the Sox have been “kinda” busy this off season righting wrongs of what was an up and down season and a unceremoniously bad first round sweep to end their playoffs hopes and David Ortiz’s career. Outside of David Price not understanding anything about RedSox baseball, he doesn’t need surgery and Kyle Kendricks  <–link , has shown up to pre-season like a professional and is playing like he is worth more than his 1 year / $1,000,000 contract with the Boston Red Sox. Sadly it is preseason and really means nothing come game day.

How to make opening day suck a little less knowing David Ortiz is gone you ask?

Prepare for weather far more unstable than the tolken x we spoke of earlier and this guy


Pic your crew, who ya going with, where ya drinking, and most importantly, did you take work off? Only chumps use work as an excuse to not attend opening day that or you have a problem and use any excuse to take work off ( as any true American will do, its the right thing).

The baseball tavern across the street or Tony C’s both supply grade A roof deck environments with plenty to see as you drink up with Fenway across the road.

Prepare for a long opening ceremony and for waves of patriotism to wash over you like its the 4th of July because it might as well be. America’s past time is baseball and its opening day and the tip is about to go in, rejoice.



the boys

poaching season

 sexy_red_sox_fans_40 3.jpg

opening day, will you be ready?







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