First weekend of March Madness is one of best sports weekends of the year (Plus: A list of my favorite sports weekends)

Cue the fucking music:

March Madness in my mind and I’m sure the majority will agree with me officially begins tomorrow afternoon with the first game tipping off just after noon time. Yeah the “First Four” as they call it are played the Tuesday and Wednesday before everyone else tips off. But in my mind those are just additional play in games. The tournament doesn’t officially start until the field of 64 is set. In my mind once the first games tip off on Thursday afternoon the weekend officially begins which is why I factor in the opening weekend of march madness be one of my favorite “sports weekends.” I’m not the biggest college basketball guy, and I will admit I start to pay attention once the conference championships begin and I’m always investing in every round of the NCAA tournament. How can you not get up for this tournament. Thursday and Friday you have a total of 32 games played in a span of 48 hours, starting in the early afternoon and going until midnight most of the time. If you are fortunate enough to have class or work off either day, you are in for a treat. I recommend hitting the bars where you’re catching all of the action at once while getting shitfaced all day. It’s more enjoyable to watch when you have your bracket(s) in play, and the big thing of course gambling. I’m not much of a gambler but I know that feeling when you are betting multiple games in a day and you are hitting those parlays and you just keep the hot streak going into the night. While teams are getting eliminated into the weekend and the next round begins, it’s still a great time making your Saturday and Sunday getting your drinking on and winning big in your bracket pool or gambling. First weekend of March Madness there’s nothing like it.

While we’re still here, here’s in my mind the best sports weekends of the year:

The Master’s

This theme song right here is why people tune in…well not exactly but how can you hate that song whenever it comes on. But real talk The Master’s is my favorite of the four major golf tournaments. The Master’s usually takes place in the beginning of April and it’s one of the most exciting tournaments to watch in golf. In my mind this is when golf season kicks off and you just know summer is right around the corner. Golf is probably the best sport to take a nap to while leaving your TV on in the background. I mean there’s no better feeling taking a nap on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (probably hungover) with Jim Nantz whispering in your year while doing play by play, and let’s not forget those soft golf claps. But nothing is more exciting than watching the final round of The Masters late Sunday afternoon with the leaders closing in on the green jacket.

Kentucky Derby Saturday


I know this doesn’t include the entire weekend but with the amount of sports that occur on this day, you can’t exclude Derby Day. The first Saturday of May is one of my favorite days of the year. Yes this day is known for the Kentucky Derby and many people hit the bars or house parties for the Derby themed parties. But this is a marathon day filled with sports from early afternoon to late evening. In my mind this is the beginning of darty season which most of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the beginnings of summer weather while day drinking. Leading up to the Derby in the late afternoon, you are usually treated to some day baseball and the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs, after that it’s Derby time. Horse racing is probably my favorite sport to bet on and there’s nothing better than having money on biggest horse race of the year. When the race concludes around 7 pm we are usually treated to more baseball with playoff basketball and hockey. In past years Floyd Mayweather would usually have a big pay per view fight to cap off the day/night. But this time around with him retired and boxing as dead as it is, maybe UFC can put some big fights on this day.

Labor Day Weekend:

Deutsche Bank Championship - Preview Day 2

A lot of us view Labor Day weekend as the unofficial last weekend of summer. Many of us are taking that one last summer vacation or hosting cookouts and parties all weekend. It’s also another great weekend of sports. The first Saturday of college football kicks off every Labor Day weekend and it’s heaven for those gamblers out there. There’s a full slate of games that kick off at noon and usually ends with the west coast games concluding around 1 or 2 am eastern time, and the majority of the match ups are always great to kickoff the season. I can’t imagine that first Saturday betting the board and watching yourself win or lose big while you’re probably at some cookout. The baseball season enters the final month of the regular season and playoff races continue to heat up and it’s always nice to catch some day baseball that entire weekend with most games having playoff implications. I personally love Labor Day weekend for the Deutsche Bank Championship (Now Dell Technologies Championship). For those who don’t know it’s a Golf tournament that is part of the FedEx Cup playoffs that is held in Norton. If you haven’t been I suggest you do so. It’s always a great time to drink all day and watch golf in person. Labor Day weekend is always a friendly reminder that NFL season kicks off the following week.

P.S. I didn’t include any NFL weekend such as wild card weekend, divisional weekend etc…I feel like I didn’t need to include it or explain it because we all know NFL football is on a whole other level.


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