CITGO here to stay in Fenway

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia.

If you have ever been to a ball game in Fenway or taken a cruise through Boston odds are you’ve seen the gloriously under-whelming Citgo sign along the road. Like the smoke-show you see on instagram at all the right angles, the Fenway View, the Bleacher view, the Monster View, all beautifully lit up with the right shine and glory….but a closer real life look shows it is a rusted broken advertisement atop an old building……

But its our old broken sign atop our old building along the skyline of AMERICA’S most beloved old ball park and I will be damned if someone thinks practically and sees it for the rusted sign advertising for a gas station that is no longer prevalent in Boston.

One of New England’s favorite sons and a literal Patriot Julian Edelman stated he does not want the Citgo sign going anywhere and has encouraged funding efforts to preserve the sign. @

The details behind the issue can be messy to some on-lookers but 1 thing is clear, Mayor Marty Walsh has saved the day once again. What can this guy not do?( Grand Prix). The owner of the building below the Citgo signed was recently purchased by a New York based company that was fighting to tear down the Venezuelan Oil Company sign and move forward with their own plans. The two parties firmly at a stale mate until our fearless leader Mayor Marty Walsh offered City Hall as a neutral site where the two companies subsequently brokered a long term deal who’s specifics have not been released but we can only imagine Mayor Walsh worked his magic and it is best we not know his secret.

Legends come and go from the Red Sox dugout, but the Citgo sign is here to stay.

Martin-Walsh-Image-via-FacebookMartin-Walsh 2.jpegIn Marty We Trust








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