Bill “whitey Bulger” Belichick locks down Cooks 

Bada Bing Bada Boom realist guys in the room HOW YOU DOIN!!!!


Annnddddddd just like that on day 2 of free agency The Patriots are en route to #6. I compare Belichick to whitey because the guy just gets what he wants no ifs ands or shots to the knee caps. Tom Brady now has Brandin cooks added to his arsenal of aerial threats and the NFL can’t do a thing about it. The patriots ended up getting Cooks for a bit more than that first round pick which was originally planned. The saints received our first round 32nd pick as well as our 3rd round 103rd pick. Overall not too shabby of a deal, I may also want to add that Whitey also gutted the Saints for their 4th round 118th pick. Savages. The patriots are going to pick up yet another average joe with this pick and make him a superstar. 

Whose this no name superstar they’re gonna pick up!?!? 

Carroll Philips OLB Illinois , book it Bulger and insure my legs $10k just in case. 


Author: Ferg


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