Patriots Sign Stephon Gilmore

The Pats just dropped a bomb, snagging one of the top cornerbacks away from the free agent pool. Stephon Gilmore reportedly is going to sign for 14 million per, and the Pats now have an elite secondary, with Gilmore and Butler opposite each other playing corner. Huge upgrade from Logan Ryan.

The Patriots don’t even pay their own players, which tells me Belichick has to be in love with this guy. Gilmore was taken 10th overall in 2012, and he’s been a pro bowl type player throughout his career. The talk about him in Buffalo was that he hit a snag and regressed last year, but how motivated can you be when you’re playing for the Bills?

Gilmore is 26, and he had five picks last year. We know what this means for Logan Ryan, but what does this mean for Malcolm Butler? If they’re interested in keeping both of them, they’ll spend at least 28 million dollars in cap room for 2 players. Certainly it could be worth it to some teams to pay impact position players like that, but it’s tough to imagine Belichick doing that.


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