Donny’s Mock Draft 1 through 10

1. Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett OLB Texas A&M

Star. Myles Garrett is a fucking superstar player. Like immediately. If the Browns don’t take him first they’re fucking morons. Speculation about Cleveland taking Trubisky at 1 because of their desperation at Quarterback makes some sense, but it’s not meant to be.

Garrett is 6’5,” 272, and he’s one of the best speed rushers off the edge, coming out of college, we’ve ever seen. The only way he doesn’t become the NFL’s highest paid defensive player of all time is if the Browns find a way to fuck it up.


2. San Francisco 49ers

Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State

The 49ers need a Quarterback but it looks like they’re shopping for one right now, which tells me they don’t believe in Trubisky, Kizer, or Watson. So take the best player on the board. Lattimore is a shut-down cornerback. He starts at the line of scrimmage, hits the receiver right in the mouth, shadows him all over the field, and makes plays on the ball.


3. Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina

Even when the Bears won in the 80’s, they’ve never had a Quarterback. Like Jay Cutler might have been the best one they’ve ever had, depressing. This year, they have Matt Barkley ready to start I think.

Trubisky has the talent. He has an absolute cannon. He can throw bombs, and he’s accurate. The knock on him is his experience. He only started 13 games in his college career, and due to the lack of Quarterback talent in this draft, he’s gonna end up being a top 3 pick. That being said, I think Trubisky has the talent to excel in this league. A little short, but so is Russell Wilson and Mahatma Gandhi was only 5’4″


4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jonathan Allen DE Alabama

Jacksonville’s defense needs work. I think Bortles could use some help but I don’t see the Jags reaching for a receiver here. Jared Odrick is on his way out of Jacksonville (congratulations) and Jonathan Allen is a solid replacement.

Allen was one of the studs on that Alabama defense; he gives the Jags a versatile defensive lineman who can play the edge on one play and line up at the nose on the next. He has a high football IQ after playing under some great dickhead coaches at Alabama, and he gives Blacksonville a penetrating, as well as a run-stuffing beast.


5. Tennessee Titans

Corey Davis WR Western Michigan

Corey Davis is fucking sick. He played 4 years at Western Michigan and killed it. He’s 6’3″ and he has elite athleticism. Mariota needs guys to throw to and the Titans are gonna have a chance to develop a budding superstar.

Davis is a deep threat receiver, he will out-fight receivers for the ball in the air, and he breaks ankles when he’s running routes. The knock on him is dropping the ball. He dropped 16 balls in his last 3 years, but other than that, this kid has been trending up and he’s been getting compared to guys like Odell Beckham and Brandin Cooks.


6. New York Jets

Leonard Fournette RB LSU

There’s no way the Jets let this guy drop past them. They have Forte and Bilal Powell, but the Jets won’t let this guy drop past them. Fournette has size, speed, and power. He has all the talent to become one of the top running backs in the NFL, year one.

He ran a 4.51 and he’s 6’0,” 240 lbs. He hit holes, and just plowed people over in college but can he do that in the NFL, and more specifically in New York? I’m concerned about the way he sought out contact in college rather than shaking open field tackles with his feet. In the NFL, that will lead to a short career filled with injuries. But if his game translates, watch out.



7. LA Chargers

Malik Hooker S Ohio State

The Chargers’ will have an opportunity to take a play maker at 7, and Hooker is the right pick here. They took Bosa last year, and they’re now in a position to add another stud on that side of the ball.

After seeing the success of Landon Collins in New York last year, I bet teams are looking at first-round safeties as more of a hot commodity this year, and Hooker is a legit play making, lurking, ball hawking safety.


8. Carolina Panthers

Mike Williams WR Clemson

Mike Williams caught passes from Deshaun Watson last year and he’s pretty damn good. The Panthers could go defense here, but Cam Newton is too talented to have 2 or 3 guys to throw it to. He needs more options.

Williams is 6’4″ and he’s strong. Him and Kelvin Benjamin can give defenses a very tough time in the red zone with that size.


9. Cincinnati Bengals

Reuben Foster ILB Alabama

The Bengals suck. Their offense is becoming one of those offenses that need an elite defense to win. Andy Dalton is decent but unless he makes some serious strides this season, I think they’re in trouble. If one of those receivers is available, they need to take him to pair along with A.J. Green, but if not, Reuben Foster gives them another linebacker to pad that defense.

Foster is a fucking savage. He’s a big-time hitter, with great athleticism. He stuffs the run and can drop back into coverage. The knock on him is he’s stupid. Like that’s what everyone’s saying, he’s just a stupid idiot with below-average instincts on the field. There are a lot of dumb players in the NFL though, so we’ll see if he can seize the opportunity.


10. Buffalo Bills

Sidney Jones CB Washington

Jones played with a good secondary at Washington, and he’s friends with and works out with Marcus Peters, so of course that’s who everyone’s comparing him to. Jones has all the talent to be a great cornerback in the NFL, but hes tiny. He’s gotta get bigger and stronger if he wants to jam receivers and tackle effectively at the pro level.

The Bills are gonna blow no matter what they do, but losing Stephon Gilmore sucks for them. They should replace him here.



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