David Price just does not get it

There’s only ONE word to describe you, and I’m gonna spell it out for you:


If you haven’t read this story from the Boston Globe I suggest you do so immediately, it is quite the cringe worthy interview that has become must read. Price and the Red Sox are only in the beginning of year two of a 7 year $217 million contract and it’s becoming laughable of what this guy has become here. It’s seriously becoming Carl Crawford all over again and what we all remember is that he didn’t even last 2 seasons in Boston before being traded. I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that would not mind at all if he opts out after the 2018 season. It’s still early but it’s beginning to feel like Price can’t handle pitching in Boston.

Now let’s dive in portions of this interview. Because like I mentioned earlier this interview was laughable and he just keeps on digging himself into a deeper hole every time he opens his mouth. He was asked to go into some detail about himself and to mention anything that we don’t know about. He goes on to say something along the lines that “people don’t care about me as person, all they care about is me as pitcher and winning games.” Obviously I’m paraphrasing you can find the actual quotes in the interview. He goes on to add things like Boston fans in the end don’t care that he’s a good guy, and does things such as raising money for his own charities and is very passionate about that. What Boston fans care about in the end is if he can perform and deliver in the big games. In someway yeah we appreciate you more if you are doing your job well doesn’t matter if your an asshole or the nicest guy on the team. But obviously most of us do care that you are helping out in the community. Winning has become part of this city’s DNA, it’s what we expect from all of our teams.

When he mentions that he get’s coffee for the trainers in the morning, that part of the interview was outrageous because of what he followed up on after. He went on to say that he gets Starbucks over Dunks and that he would get 100 percent get shit for that because as we know us New Englanders bleed Dunkin Donuts. I mean SHUT UP dude we’re not giving you shit for that, we give you shit because you haven’t lived up to expectations and everything you say to media is completely insane. This guy needs to get off twitter because I feel like he’s just paranoid and only cares about his twitter feed and what people are saying to him behind a keyboard. Let’s not forget last season when he went out of his way to correct a twitter troll on his playoff record and his contract. If you pitch well and deliver clutch performances that hopefully end up in a championship, people won’t be so hard on you. Take a page from John Lackey’s book, he ultimately delivered after a disastrous start to his tenure in Boston. And what do you know we pretty much forgave the guy for his past misfortunes. Just do everyone a favor David..get the fuck off twitter and just pitch.


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