No Hard Feelings

Little bit of controversy coming out this week after the Celtics loss on Monday. Isaiah Thomas sat in his locker longer than normal still in full uniform. Clearly upset about the loss. When asked how he felt about the loss, IT said “we need to stop experimenting with who’s on the court”. Basically he’s saying he didn’t like what coach Brad Stevens did with the lineup down the stretch. If you haven’t heard, Celtics blew a double digit lead. Again. 

Stevens went on 985 The Sports Hub today to explain that Thomas sent him a long text message apologizing for his comments. “Soon thereafter I got a long text from Isaiah. … When you get interviewed right after a tough loss or even when you get interviewed right after an emotional win, sometimes the emotions speak. And so, I understand there’s frustration, I don’t lose a lot of sleep over it.” 

Stevens went on to say that IT is a competitive guy, and that he loves that about him. He said that it’s good that he gets upset over tough losses and basically brushed the comments away. So Stevens doesn’t really care. 

BUT This is the second time IT has expressed his feelings after a loss this week. He blatantly blamed Jae Crowder for the loss on Sunday in Phoenix. IT said that Crowder threw the ball in too late. And then went on to say “I’m not saying it’s Jae’s fault, I just thought the ball would’ve came to me sooner.” Dude, you’re basically blaming your teammate. Not a good look. 

Look, I love IT. He’s great for this team. But you can’t be going out there after a tough loss and making questionable comments about your teammates and your coaching staff. I get that he’s a competitive guy, but pointing fingers isn’t what this team needs right now. The Celtics are still in a rebuilding stage. And I think Thomas is starting to get annoyed with the fact that he’s not getting much help. That doesn’t give an excuse to start compalinging. This team doesn’t have a lot of leadership. There’s no guy in the lockerroom to help out these young guys get better. This team has no KG. Guys like that are what championship teams be. Thomas in my opinion can be that guy. He is the go to guy right now and the young players on the team should be looking up to him. But right now, with all this bullshit going on, it’s not looking too good. 

I’m really hoping the Celtics make some noise in the offseason to help out Thomas and Horford. You can’t with a championship with two big name guys. You need at least three. 

Are we making this too much of a big deal? Yeah, probably. But who doesn’t like a little controversy to spark a playoff run. 

Go green. 


Author: Scuba

Man of the people.

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