2 Minutes for Slashing…

The NFL, NHL, Boxing, UFC none of those leagues can touch the Quebec men’s Hockey league right now.

Heads up this is all pretty much in French, god damn canuck but the French reporter and slash to the guys dome piece makes up for it.

Friday’s Beauce Bellechasse Frontenac senior league game between the Justiciers de Saint-Joseph and the Éperviers de Bellechasse, Justiciers player René-Dave Pelchat was skating through the defensive zone when Louis-Philippe Carrier connected with a hammer swing to his head.


Any other league you pull something like this and you’re gone 2-3 weeks minimum and a hefty ass fine. This guy Carrier got a minor penalty and just a 3 game suspension. Best part he came back on the ice and scored a goal to force overtime. Suspension at its finest.


Author: Ferg


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