Bogut Becomes Bust for Cavs

Just when you think Lebron finally gets his way after whining to ownership to help stack his odds for when they play Golden State in the Finals (Because we all know that is how it’s going to play out) they’re newest addition Andrew Bogut breaks his Left Tibia one minute into his Cavs Career. Bogut came in for Tristan Thompson and was attempting to close out Heat forward Okaro White and this happened…



The Cavs picked up the 32 year old, behemoth at the NBA’s waiver deadline to help assist in their rebound game when Tristan Thompson needs a breather. The trio of: Lebron, Thompson and Bogut all average over 8 rebounds per game. The pick-up of Bogut would have added great relief to anyone shooting the rock at any point of their games.



The 2nd place Celtics cannot afford to be blowing these final games of the season; they’re like the softest rides at Canobie Lake Park for christ sakes. The 1st place Cavs are now down three of their pivotal players: Kevin Love and JR smith for at least a couple more weeks and Bogut now watching games from the rafters for the rest of the year. C’mon Celtics don’t let me down now!!!



I hate the Cavs but I’m just happy they cut this asshole, Happy Tuesday!

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Author: Ferg


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