Brandin Cooks to Patriots?

Bill Bellichick never sleeps. Just one month after the Super Bowl and he has been in trade talks, releasing players, free agent talks and attending the NFL combine. I give it three years before the Lombardi trophy is named after him.

One of the big stories rolling around now is trade talks between the New Orleans Saints and the Patriots. According to Josh Katzenstein of the Patriots coach and GM offered the Saints their first round 32nd pick in this upcoming draft for standout wide receiver Brandin cooks. Sounds like a pretty remarkable deal to help give Brady one more weapon to throw the ball too. However the Saints have declined this trade in the interim to see if they can deal with another team with a better pick or attempt to bait the Pats in recieving more for the 23 year old, 3rd year veteran who had 1,100 receiving yards this past year. 

Brandin Cooks is he worth it? 

I’d say so, he is a young, athletic wide-out that has proven he can play with an elite QB in Drew Brees and tactical offensive playbook. The Pats are fresh off another Super Bowl resulting in the last pick of the draft, yet still have a lot of great players they could potentially draft from. Cooks on the other hand could help ease the pressure off Edelman who seems to take a lot of the special teams and offensive work load. 

The Saints have the 11th pick in this years draft and are looking for multiple picks to help boost their defense. They were 32nd in the NFL in pass yards allowing 4,380 yards and 14th in rushing allowing 1,626. The Saints D was awful and were ranked 27th overall. The possible picks they could snag from us include : 




These are just a few of the potential defensive monsters that could last until this 32nd pick. The Patriots would not necessarily lose out if they could not get Cooks as long as they somehow managed to get one of these guys instead. If the Patriots don’t land Cooks I won’t lose sleep over it, (that’s what night caps are for) however he’d be another amazing asset to our utility Wide Outs and could bring that big play back to this Offense. 

In Bill I Trust! 


Author: Ferg


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