What the Celtics win means for Trader Danny, The NBA, and LeBron

What Wednesday Nights Celtics Win really means for the East

Taken at face value, the Celtics vs. Cavs of Wednesday night was an intense game to watch where both teams competed evenly despite suspect game calling by the referees (not the first sports blog to question a ref I know) but the Celtics came out victorious. If you peel off the crop top, unzip the skirt and take a closer look at this game and what it really means in the East you’ll see it was more than just a battle between 1st and 2nd place teams in the Eastern Conference.

Lebron James will never say it, you won’t hear it in the interviews, and you won’t read about it in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (that is Cleveland’s major newspaper, awful name, and awful city, fits perfectly). Lebron James teams have been the preeminent team in the East this year and for the better half of the post 2010 Celtics finals loss world that we are forced to live in. Make no mistake LeBron wanted to come into Boston and not just beat the Celtics, he wanted to crush them, to sweep them back into the insignificant pool of teams that come out of the East and send our franchise back to the drawing board alongside Trader Danny. Lebron wanted to remind the NBA and the Celtics that although the Celtics are in 2nd place in the East, they very well might as well be in last place and that he has not spent a second thought on this annoying team only a few games behind him in the standings.

LeBron did not get what he wanted, instead of proving to the league and more importantly the Eastern Conference that Cleveland is the unquestionable power in the East, he proved to be fallible. Do the Celtics have a legitimate shot at beating the CAVS in the conference finals? No absolutely not. However this win proves to show that Trader Danny’s Post championship run era revival plan is working, it is on track for success and we will not endure the two decade long championship hangover Celtics fans of old were forced to endure through the 90s and early 2000’s. As every Boston sports fan knows thanks to Rick Pitino….Larry Bird is not walking through that door, Robert Parish is not walking through that door, Kevin McHale is not walking through that door and if they do, they will be old and grey. ( Rick Pitino did to the Celtics what the fall of the automotive industry did to Detroit.)hqdefault (1) 3.jpg

The Celtics have plagued LeBron throughout his career. The last team to make it to the NBA Championship without LeBron James on it is the Boston Celtics, who very well could have had 3 titles instead of one….and we did it without the pomp, frill, and show boating Hollywood behavior displayed by the South Beach LeBron team who only achieved 1 more ring than the Celtics BIG TICKET, TRUTH, SHUTTELSWORTH team.Big-3 2.jpg

The Boston Celtics were the first team to deal LeBron’s south beach team a serious loss, a team that refused to back down to LeBron from the opening whistle.

LeBron had to suffer through loss after loss in the playoffs to the Celtics prior to his time in Miami and our fans as well as our players never let him forget that.

Despite pulling together a terrific roster in Cleveland, LeBron is still being pestered by a team with few to no stars, a young coach, and a budget far less expensive.

LeBron wanted to send a gift on Wednesday, and what he got was a deliciously stanky L for the fine people of Boston to smoke in the commons.

In short this win proves quietly that Trader Danny’s plan is running its course, we have time on our side and have been regularly over achieving throughout the season.

In Trader Danny we Trust.Oivhq8kj 2.jpg


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