Smooth Sailing for Celtics until Playoffs

The Boston Celtics are back to their old ways and are considered a top tiered team not only in the Eastern Conference but in the entire NBA.

They currently hold the 2nd spot in the Eastern conference standings with a record of 40-22, sitting behind Lebron James and the cavaliers by just 3 games. After the recent showdown with the Cavs with the Celts have proven that they can compete with the best and certainly at home. The Celtics are now on their final West Coast swing. After beating the Lakers last night 115-95 the Celts still have the Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers, GS Warriors and Denver McNuggets to go before returning to the east coast to wrap up the final 16 games of the season.

I bet you’re thinking whoa bud slowdown that’s still 16 games they need to win. Trust me I know, it sounds steep…. but let’s take a look at the remaining schedule and our season series with these shmoes:

West Coast Swing 

@Suns 0-0                                              screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-9-19-32-am

@Clippers 1-0

@Warriors 0-1      

@Nuggets 0-1

East Coast Ride Out 

Bulls 1-2

Timberwolves 1-0

@Nets 2-0

@76ers 3-0

Wizards 1-2

Pacers 2-0                                                 Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.27.56 AM.png


Suns 0-0 (Repeat) 

Heat 3-0

Bucks 1-0

Magic 2-0

@Knicks 2-1

Cavs 1-2

@Hawks 1-2

@Hornets 3-0

Nets 2-0 (Repeat) 

Bucks 1-0 (Repeat) 


With repeat games against the Bucks, Suns, and Nets I like our odds. We will have a few (3) tough games in this road ahead yes, but in hindsight- minus that away game against the Hawks the other two will be at home, merely a speed bump against the Cavs and Wizards. As long as Cleveland finishes strong and we keep this 2nd seed I like our odds all the way to the Eastern Conference finals. If the playoffs started today this is our bracket, who do you got?


And If this ends up being Cavs vs Warriors I’m retiring from watching the NBA.


Author: Ferg


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