UFC 209 Preview and Picks

UFC 209 is a must if you like high-flying heavy hitters with rematches and long-awaited fights.

Main Card:

Alistair Overeem (41-15) vs. Mark Hunt (12-10-1)

Image result for Alistair Overeem (41-15) vs. Mark Hunt (12-10-1)

  • Overeem wins this fight if he does not get taken down and wins on experience and power, Hunt took this fight late and seems to be fighting merely because he was forced too per his UFC contract which states he still has five more fights left in him.

Pick: Overeem TKO 2nd Round


Lando Vanata  (9-1)  vs.  David Teymur  (5-1)Image result for Lando Vannata vs.David Teymur

  • Both fighters are going to show highlight reel
    material, however Vanata coming off a big UFC 206 victory may land one suprising shot to get the crowd to stand on their feet.

Pick: Vanata with a flashy TKO in 2nd round


Rashad Evans (19-5-1) vs. Daniel Kelly (11-1)Image result for Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly

Slow middleweight fight, Rashad has looked sloppy his last couple fights and with injury after injury his career seems to be slowly declining. Kelly takes this one with wrestling maneuvers and motivation.

Pick: Kelly in Final Decision


Fight has been Cancelled due to Khabib Medical Issue

Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) vs. Tony Ferguson (22-3) Image result for khabib vs ferguson

  • Mcgregor is king but these two fighters have a legitimate chance at his throne if ever given the chance. We are in for quite the show with these two. Khabib with an unbelievable record of 24-0 has never had a 5 round bout. Ferguson may have him on this as he has shown he is well conditioned and can definitely go the full 25 minutes.

Pick: Tony “El Cucouy” Ferguson becomes undisputed lightweight champion via choke in 3rd round


Tyron Woodley (16-3-1) vs Stephen Thompson (13-1-1)Image result for woodley vs thompson

  • For the second time since UFC 2015 we will be in for quite the show. Woodley’s powerful awaited heavy punches vs Thompson’s quick timely strikes.

Pick: Thompson In another final decision, slight adjustments, tactical strikes and a strategy to avoid a big heavy knockout.



Author: Ferg


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