Just one day before UFC 209, Khabib Nurmagomedov is out.

Khabib was hospitalized due to weight issues. He claims he was feeling”ill” and was discharged from the hospital, but doctors day that he cannot fight in his condition.

ONE DAY. ONE DAY BEFORE 209. Not to mention this is the THIRD time that this has happened. This is definitely a blow to the UFC.

Khabib is 24-0 in the UFC. He’s made an absolute name for himself and even called McGregor a little chicken. If he won this fight vs Ferguson, a match with Conor was bound to happen. A fight everyone wanted to see. Khabib has unbelievable ground game and would test the shit out of Conor because we all know Conor sucks on the ground(cough cough Diaz).

Apparently the UFC is still looking to add a fifth fight to 209. I’m wondering if they’ll add a quick fill in for Ferguson like they did with Silva when he faced DC on a few days notice. The card is still stacked with Woodley vs Thompson and Hunt vs Overeem. It’s a must buy PPV.

We’ll have a post fight blog up probably Sunday morning. Stay tuned.


Author: Scuba

Man of the people.

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