Red Sox heating up in Spring Training

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Temperature in Fort Meyers today is right around 77°F with 0% precipitation and 50% humidity and is definitely helping the boys of summer heat up before the upcoming season. Some big stories thus far so let’s swan dive right in to what’s going on at Fenway South.

There has been a lot of talk about pitching with the 2017 Red Sox staff; Big Hopes that Chris Sale has a strong season, Big Expectations from CY Young winner Rick Porcello and now the possible loss of David Price depending on the prognosis of MRI and plan of care. With all those worries aside let’s focus on the batter’s box.

This Sox Roster is constructed straight from Louisville sluggers. Yesterday’s game on March 2nd, 2017 the Sox took on the Rays, a divisional match-up that we will see much of this season. The Sox smashed them in their home state. E-Rod ( Eduardo Rodriguez) had a stellar showing  but this game goes to the Bats. The Sox beat this Rays team 19-2 tallying 20 hits in total. This monster offense was led by Jackie Bradley Jr. hammering 2 home-runs resulting in 5-RBI’s. The Ray’s pitcher Jose De Leon in a post-game presser tried to blame his control and fastball for the Red Sox thumping. Give me a god damn break. This guy is there #3 and was the key component in sending Logan Forsythe to the dodgers. This guy can pitch ther’es no excuses, the Sox just obliterated him.

This 2017 lineup can be manipulated in any way shape or form to give our team the full defensive and offensive advantage. Every player on this roster can hit for power, contact, righty, lefty –doesn’t matter they can flat out hit. I would keep an eye out for two players in particular to have big performances this upcoming season: Chris Young and Andrew Benintendi. Both outstanding outfielders when given the chance and if for any reason JBJ, Betts or Holt aren’t performing or need a rest my money is on these two to step up to the plate.

Most of them are coming back bigger and better than ever. Check out the before and after of Benny from last season to now. Kid turned from Charlie Conway to one of the Bash Bros in less than 6 months…

(Boston Globe August 2016)          (Red Sox Twitter February 2017)


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