The NFL is looking into the possibility of banning leaping on field goals

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

White men can jump…

Well here we go again, the NFL (No Fun League) is looking into banning another exciting play from the game…the field goal leap. The NFLPA recently recommended the league in to looking into the play of leaping over linemen in a field goal situation. It’s obvious that the NFLPA wants to protect it’s players because they view this as a dangerous play. I mean we’re talking about football here, one of most violent sports in the world but yet one of the most entertaining. Soon enough I feel like you’re not even going to be allowed to rush the kicker, punter, and most importantly the quarterback for that matter. Although it’s rarely seen in football today, I just don’t see any justification for taking out the play.

Classic NFL looking to ban the play after the Patriots have used in on several occasions the past couple of seasons, most notably Jamie Collins leaping over the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line attempting to block an extra point and was successful. This past season Shea McClellin executed the play twice being successful on one of them against the Ravens in the regular season and in the Super Bowl which was ultimately called back because the refs viewed it illegal. It just feels like whenever the Patriots try to gain a competitive advantage within the rulebook, that rule gets changed the following season. But who am I to know if the play does indeed get banned at least it was fun to watch while it lasted!

Let’s not forget Kam Chancellor did it twice in a playoff game 2 years ago but the league never looked into it:

Enjoy your stay in Cleveland:


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