Music Friday

Every Friday here at The Brew I’m gonna try and get people ready for the weekend. I’ll do my best to keep peeps up to date on the new tunes that come out every week and throw it all together in one blog on Friday. All so you’re ready to throw some shots back at West End Johnnies and Storyville(shouts out Johnnie and MVP, idk why I’m shouting them out..they won’t see this).

Feel free to follow me on Spotify under Steven Lyons. Take a look at my pregamin playlist to get ready for the weekend. 


Anyways, let get to it.

I get most of my new music off Spotify and HNHH. Not much came out this Friday to be honest and I’m a little disappointed.

But yesterday the “Fate of the Furious” soundtrack list just dropped. And it looks fire.


I listened to “Go Off’. I’m actually a fan of it. The beat is a little mediocre/sounds just like something you would put on a soundtrack. If Metro Boomin produced it, the song would be playing in every club in Boston. The verses are fire, with Migos front man on the hook and verse. Travis Scott’s verse helps the song a lot. He has his classic auto tuned voice spittin a great flow and switches it up at the end. Deff worth a listen.


Seeb came out with a new track called “Under Your Skin”. The song is very upbeat and happy with male and female vocals. Has a great hook into a drop with distorted vocals. If you remember, Seeb remixed Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibizia” which made them huge. I’ve always digged Seeb. They’re a solid chill EDM group. A lot of their songs are the good songs to listen to when your at the beach just hangin or having a few drinks on the deck. If you’re ever in a bad mood, listen to them. Very chill.


Well there it is. Just a quick preview of what’s to come. Cheers kids. Happy Friday.



Oh yeah, Iggy Azalea came out with a new song. She fucking sucks.



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