Jimmy G Remains in the League of Tom Brady’s Shadow

There is no doubt about it that Jimmy G is one of the best, most scouted, prospective boyfriends out there in the market for ladies right now.

However today we’re talking about his football career. According to Sportrac Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017 will be receiving $1.103 million guaranteed (Signing Bonus + $250k of 2015 base). After this upcoming season he becomes an unrestricted Free agent. The 25 year old has a super bowl championship under his belt, resulting in his new desire to want big money or want to start his own legacy elsewhere.

Jimmy G played the first 2 games of the season during Brady’s absence before hitting a little pothole setback and getting hurt. Jimmy Garropolini and pesto led the Patriots to win in both of these games with an overall QB rating of 85%.

Let’s compare his first 2 weeks this season to every QB that made the playoffs shall we? In my eyes the first 2 weeks are much more crucial in telling if you actually have a legitimate QB or not — due to 6 weeks of prior preparation and four preseason games. These numbers can help understand why the Patriots are interested in keeping Jimmy G on their roster.

Image result for qbr meme

  • Tom Brady N/A – Because Goodell is an ass clown
  • Matt Ryan – 122.05% – (unreal stats for fantasy nuts and blowing super bowl leads)
  • Aaron Rodgers – 82.9 % – (Decent for filming double check commercials between games)
  • Ben Roethlisberger  – 95.45% – (I won’t make any bathroom stall jokes)
  • Russell Wilson – 81.1 % (little low for playing dolphins and rams in the 1, 2 step of the season)
  • Matt Stafford – 100.75% (Better be this good for playing in domes the first 2 weeks)
  • Dak Prescott – 86.55% ( great rating for having an all pro running back)
  • Eli Manning – 107.2 % (Great qb rating to start the season but he’s still looking for his keys somewhere)
  • Alex Smith – 82.95 %(Great QB on a great team but will never advance as long as NE Reigns)
  • Brock Osweiler- 78.95% (biggest waste of money since … I don’t know name something and it’s worse than that)
  • Matt Moore – 91.2% (only played week 2, your guess is as good as mine)
  • Connor Cook – 106.75% (this is actually Derek Carr’s score because Connor Cook was just his substitute teacher everyone used to pick on)

Coach Bill is possibly thinking you keep this kid because he is a legitimate contender, wants to win and might just be the future QB of the patriots (in the next 3 years hopefully).  I smell a possible franchise-tag cooking over in Foxboro to keep him locked down, avoid free agency and maybe even help work out a big trade in the near future (which can still be done under the tag for longer potential deals)…


Author: Ferg


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