Free Agency: What’s Next for the Pats?

There’s no doubt that this years free agency class is historical. With the Pats most likely losing some key players this off season, what the hell are they going to do to beef up the team to repeat? (yeah they’re repeating, heard it hear first).

We all know that Bennett is out. Long is out(check his insta). And Donny says Hightower is out, so he’s out. I trust the shit out of Bill, and you should too. So I’m not too worried about those three key players.

Here’s a list of the top offensive free agents this year and how they can fit.

  1. RB Adrian Peterson: This is an obvious one. AP is one of the best to ever play the position. He rushed for 1485 yards in 2015, which was an NFL best. Although his season was cut short last year, he’s shown he can bounce back from adversity..and other things like beating kids but let’s not get into that..this is my first blog. Anyways, I do love AP, but the Pats have shown that they can succeed with MULTIPLE running backs. I like how they have options. AP may want the ball, every snap, and that doesn’t work in the Pats System. I’m a no go for AP.
  2. WR Alshon Jeffery: Great receiver. Great deep throat, I mean threat. Four game PED suspension really doesn’t help him in the off season trying to get signed. Also, the guy is like that dude from Spongebob who always gets hurt. I like to call him “My Leg” guy. Fucking paper bones. But he is a game changer. He would help a lot of teams. I just think he’s starting to decline though. And do the Pats really need him? Chris Hogan showed he can be that deep threat. Not a Patriot.
  3. WR Terrelle Pryor: HOT TAKE ALERT. You’re probably saying, “Scuba, why the hell is Pryor number three on the list?”. I say, why the hell not. 1,000 yards last year. He’s a versatile receiver. He can throw the ball on trick plays. Everything the Pats like. The best part is, he wouldn’t ask for much. He’s happy he converted himself from a QB to a successful receiver. Guy just wants to play.
  4. WR Kenny Stills: Stills has unreal skill. Like Jeffery, he’s a great deep threat. Nine touchdowns on 42 catches and 8 of those catches were deep balls(lol). Do the Pats need someone like this? Not really. And Stills wants the money. He had a breakout year and made almost 2 mil last year. I honestly think the Dolphins will give him the money. They need that star player to compete with teams like the Pats.
  5. TE Jared Cook: Love this guy. With Bennett leaving, this is a perfect signing. Although he was hurt for a portion of the season, he really showed potential in the postseason. 18 receptions on 32 targets with 2 TD’s. Pretty damn good for a TE. I’m hearing that the Packers are likely to resign. Which would be a good move for Cook if he wants to win.

Well there it is, the Pats don’t necessarily need to make noise this off season, but they do have positions that need to addressed.

As always, In Bill We Trust.


Author: Scuba

Man of the people.

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