Bruins Add Drew Stafford at the Deadline

The Bruins traded a conditional 6th round pick at the deadline to Winnipeg for Forward Drew Stafford. Love it, fuck that pick.

Stafford has been with Winnipeg the past three seasons, but Bruins fans remember him when he played for Buffalo from ‘06 to ‘15. Stafford’s been a solid player when healthy, so this trade makes sense. Why not add some depth for a playoff run?

Stafford played 78 games last season and put up 21 goals with 17 assists, but he’s only played 40 games this year and has 4 goals, 9 assists. If Stafford comes in and doesn’t do anything, at least he puts some pressure on guys like Jimmy Hayes.

Love the fact that Don Sweeney is stacking up at the deadline. The Bruins have been red hot as of late and this is a trade with no down side.  Boston got better today, and they kept all of their assets.

*Dangle Fest*


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